Monday, 16 July 2012

A brief heads up

Sorry for going MIA. My affair(read trip) in Japan will be ending soon. It's been 2 months sine I came here and I gotta admit time flew by fast. So Just to clear things up: I will continue with Ophid short story and volume 8 life 5 hopefully starting coming sunday or next weekend at maximum Also, I want to catch up to some of my other manga series as well and some H mangas, so look forward to it! And then once above things are done I am planning on picking up a new LN, so look forward to it! Be on the lookout for what goodies and omiyages the Japanese santa may have your way. Cheers!


  1. nice akuma! welcome back in action! :) can't wait to see your updates. haha! :3

  2. Come back safely and thank you for your hard work!

    Looking forward to new releases!

  3. good to have you back! XD