Friday, 25 January 2013

DxD, random stuff and more

So guys, having spoken with Code-Zero/Nom@n, he's translating the new novel of High school DxD on his blog @
Having finally finished Kamidori with over 250 hours clocked (Yes, I WAS DAMN HOOKED), I got a sigh of relief. I just translated Nozoki Ana and High school DxD mangas and I am ready to make a dive into showbiz.
Wishing you guys a happy new year and I ain't deserting you guys.


  1. Yay, more Nozoki Ana!

  2. Do you continue traduction of Oda Nobuna manga?

  3. Yes, I actually am in the middle of translating the next chapter right now, I am really sorry for all the trouble I caused you guys. I am back in action for the noticeable future.

  4. Can anyone tell me what chapter or short story it is when issie had grayfia wash his back in a hotspring?