Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Oda Nobuba no Yabou chapter 5 updated

Well, I have two updates for you guys after such a long time:
1. In case you haven't noticed, chapter 6 of Oda Nobuna no Yabou has been completed. In order to speed up things, I asked the other translator to finish it so you may get things faster.
2. Volume 1 should be finished soon, chapter 5 has been updated to 42% and I plan on wiping it up to free myself of some responsibility and you guys of some backlog. (You can find it here or at Bakatsuki )

Furthermore, I plan on checking the translations made from the chinese source rather than translating all the volumes myself since I found this to be more efficient and faster for you guys.

What this means is faster releases for you all from now on. I am sorry for the snail's pace till now, as soon as I think I will get some free time, RL dumps me with some new shit. I will try to ensure that quality of translations remains uniform from now on as well.


  1. omg your back!!! i missed you so much!!!

    *cries tears of happiness*

  2. No problem... Just edit my translations as u wish... I know i did quite a bad job in chap 1 and 2...

  3. Well as long as you're all right it's fine. Sorry to hear about RL being a b*tch to you though. Anyways, great to have you back!

  4. *cries tears of happiness* [2]

    your work is the best! thanks for back :)