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High school DxD volume 8 life 5 part 2 (complete) + ranting

Alright, I was finally free from the shackles known as exams yesterday! 
So, before I present to you the complete part, a brief minor ranting of what transpired yesterday and today.
Yesterday night I got myself a flat tire while coming back from my exams and I straight away went to bed, tired from the days events.
I had to go to get something repaired today. Turns out it took out whole of my day as I went from pillar to next to find the right service center and have it done today itself.
Then while coming back I get fined by the traffic cops for jumping a GOD DAMN stupid red light which only got installed 4 months ago on a straight highway road that absolutely does not need it (I hadn't gone through this road since over an year). Dear Traffic cops, you listenin'?

Also I just noticed some of the hate going on the wikia comments page of volume 12 just cause n0m@n is a bit busy with RL. I know none of you really are gonna be doing it(only a few fags out there) but just thought to bring it up.

Enough of ranting, enjoy this part. I'll try and upload two parts tomorrow, I'll add a poll on the right on which short story I should translate next, kindly choose your liking.

Part 2
With a shout from Vice Club President, the club members of the Occult Research Club gathered in the club room.

Everyone was looking at the two little girls with a strange expression. The girl resembling Asia was hiding behind me, the girl resembling Buchou was on my lap. It seems like I am liked by them.

“However, they sure resemble Buchou and Asia”

Zenovia gazed at them puzzling over it.

“More like, I think they’re Buchou and Asia-san.”

Is what Kiba says.

“Really, Kiba? These two are Buchou and Asia after all?”


Kiba affirmed it clearly, and nodded.

I felt it vaguely. No matter how you look at it, it’s Buchou and Asia. However, why did they turn into little girls? Not to mention, I can’t help but think they’ve lost their memories. Since they call me “Iche”, I think it’s not like they’ve lost it completely but……

“………I heard there was a  technique to make them into little girls.”

As if remembering something, Koneko-chan murmured that.

“Koneko-chan, that sort of technique exists?”

“Yes, since if you’re a devil, you can change your appearance through demonic power.”

The one who answered was Akeno-san who had prepared tea. She further explains it.

“See, even in the legend it’s written that devils appear as an old lady, appear as a small child, right? And just like that, if devils age a certain age, they can change their appearance in the way they like. Even if the real age is that of a middle aged lady, it’s normal for her appearance to be young in the world of devils. Conversely, for males, a lot of them have the appearance of their age.”

I see, I see. With demonic power, you can change your appearance to a young one.

Then, Buchou and Asia changed to little girls with demonic power…….why did they do it?

“However, even in that case, they don’t lose their memories……”

With a troubled face Akeno-san had her hand on her forehead.

“This is the rebound of the technique.”

Azazel-sensei says it while sipping his tea.


Sensei nods on my question.

“Ah, if people with high purity of magic use a technique they’re not used to, they sometimes make a grand mistake. And the technique comes back like that.”

“Then, you mean Buchou failed in a technique? It seems she even lost her memories.”

“That seems like it. With the recoil of the technique, when they became young, their memories must have temporarily been sealed as well. However, for a devil like Rias to make a failure. She might have imaged something else strongly in the middle of doing the technique. No matter what the case is, to make them return back, it’s impossible without a definite time lapsing or a person with the ability of an anti spell.

For Buchou to fail in a technique……. Really, did something occur?

Even after looking at the mini Buchou sitting on my lap, she just dubiously tilts her head.

“Iche, that’s a strange face.”

However, s-s-s-she’s really cute! It must be the age around Buchou’s childhood, right? Then her big brother would also dote on her!

“Uuh, I also wants to sit…..”

From my back, Asia says it with teary eyes, and looked at it mini Buchou sitting on my lap with envious eyes. Aaaah, she’s too cute as well! More like lovable, my desire to protect her is boils to a terrific level! It’s strange. I didn’t feel like a lolicon at all but……

Is this, maybe a fatherly love? Or is a big brotherly love? No matter which one it is, the two little girls,  mini Buchou and mini Asia possessed a destruction power far clearly surpassing my imagination!

“Bu, Bucou and Asia-senpai…….. are really cute……..”

Fearfully coming out was Gasper.

“Yeah, Gasper. Try making these two laugh.”

I tried saying it in a senior manner. Doing that, Gasper nodded reluctantly.

For some reason, he searches his bag deeply-------and takes out a paper bag.   ……..I had a bad premonition.


With his index finger and middle finger, Gasper opened up holes------


Vigorously he wore it on his head! So this was it, after all!

“Here,Buchou, Asia-senpai. It’s a paper bag! If you wear this, your courage will go up 100 times.”

The red glint of the eyes coming from the holes in the paper bag face the two little girls.



Mini Buchou and mini Asia clung to me, and were shaking! Hey, after all! They’re scared! ‘Paper Bag Gasper’ isn’t good!

By the way ‘Paper Gasper’ is a version up condition I gave to the hikikomori vampire who’s got Anthropophobia.  By wearing a paper bag, his heart gets prepared for specifically facing people!

However, his appearance becomes that of a pervert and a monster that strikes a fear of the highest class to the other person! End of my explanation!

“Heeeeeeeeeey! You! Gaspeeeeeeeeer!”

I hit the paper bag degenerate! Naturally! What the hell is he doing!

“W-W-W-What are you doing…..!?”

Gasper protests looking regretful.

“It’s not ‘What are you doing’! What are you doing coming close to Buchou and Asia in the paper bag version for! They’ll be scared! Since you’re really scary!

“N-No way……. I just wanted to convey that by me wearing a paper bag, you get overflowing of couragee.”

“There’s no overflow or sorts! If you look at it from an outside perspective, ain’t you a degenerate drawing near little girls! Dammit! I who asked you was an idiot!”

“……sob, that was scary.”

“It isn’t scary! Rias won’t cry!” (T/N: Kids often refer to themselves in a third perspective).

That was Asia who was shaking, and Buchou who said strong words from her mouth while grabbing me tightly. Scared and cute!

“Oh, now now. It’s going to be fine, since I exterminated Gasper.”

I patted their head to calm them.

“Uh, you’re cruel senpai. I’ll go shut myself in!”

I don’t where he brought it out from but that bastard Gasper entered into a large box.

“Cardboard Box Vampire”, it’s Gasper’s standby condition. Due to Anthropophobia, if something happens, the pure hearted cross dressing boy runs into the cardboard box he brings, and shuts himself in his own world! Everyone try not to copy him! You may accidentally get shipped out!

“However, Buchou and Asia-chan are cute. It may be also possible that me and Ise-kun can raise them together.”

Akeno-san says that like she was enjoying herself.

“Me and Akeno-san?”

“Yes, Ise-kun would be the father and I would be the mother. We would be husband and wife.”

“Husband and wife!?”

Hearing that keyword, a certain scenery got imaged in my brain.

“I am back.”

I have come back from my job.

“My my, welcome back, dear.”

The one who appeared in the entranceway is Akeno-san in an apron!

“Dad, welcome back!”

“Dad, let’s play!”

Mini Buchou and mini Asia greet me. Two daughters.

“Now now, you two, your dad is tired from his job, don’t be reckless, okay?”

“No! I will play with dad!”

“Asia was a good girl and waited!”

“Akeno, it’s fine. Now then, girls, shall we play. Hahahaha.”

“Geez, you’re soft on the two.”


Good. Really good. I may start yearning for this. That sort of lifestyle is really great too!

“……….Ise-senpai, there’s drool drooping from you with a lewd expression.   …….It seems like you went into a far away world.”

“Hahahaha, you must have definitely played out your life in your brain. Since Ise-kun sometimes moves away from the real world.”

Is what Koneko-chan and Kiba are talking. Ah, although it was only for a short time, I imaged a happy delusion.

While doing silly things like that, Azazel-sensei stands up and says.

“Well, I’ll search for the way to cancel it. You all try searching as well. There will be a lot of problems if things remain like this, right? If you get something, we’ll do a mutual communication, so we’re temporarily disbanding.


On sensei’s statement, every club member other than me also agreed.

Huh? We’re already temporarily disbanding? Does that mean a replacement scheme won’t particularly come out in this place?

“I’ll try deciphering from Rias’ traces of demonic power left. I’ll check the lse-kun’s room, the location of the technique invocation.”

After Akeno says that, she leaves towards the direction of my room.

“Then, me and Koneko-chan will check a different direction.”


Kiba and Koneko-chan also leave the living room!

“[Fumu]. I don’t get anything about demonic power. Then, I’ll train Gasper. Hey vampire, get out from the cardboard box. If you don’t, I’ll cut it.”

“Eeeeeeeek! Zenovia-senpai is bullying meeeeeeeeeee!”

While carrying the cardboard box giving out a scream on her shoulder, Zenovia left the living room.

“With that, I’ll count on you to take care of those two for a small while, Ise.”

Sensei leaves as well! The two little girls and I were left in the living room.

“…………I-I am a babysitter then, huh.”

“Iche, play with me.”

“……….carry me.”

While carrying those two, I closed in on my destination.


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