Friday, 11 May 2012

High school DxD volume 8 life 5 part 3

As promised, here's the next part:

Part 3

“It’s cute.”

“That’s true, it’s cute.”

While holding their hands I went out. When something comes infront of their eyes, they get charmed by it and pull my hand here and there.

“I want to go outside!” is what they pestered, so like this we came outside but…..

We still don’t the reason why Buchou and Asia became small…….   In the end, what did these two wanted to do………

For the time being, the destination of our outing is the convenience store nearby. If I buy and give them ice cream or something, I felt that they would be satisfied.

However, when the high class one-sama like Buchou becomes small as well, she becomes a normal little girl. The graceful Asia when small becomes pampered and selfish.

“Ah! It’s Ise!”

I hear a recognizable voice from a different direction. Turning around, there appeared the profile of my bad companion classmates, Matsuda and Motohama.

Since it’s summer vacation, were they trying to come to my house from noon? However, I sure met up with some sultering guys…….

“What are you doing-------wait, children!?”

“Hey hey, who are those little girls!?”

Those two were surprised on looking at Buchou and Asia. Well, it’s natural.

“I-It can’t be, they’re your children!?”

“Judging from the color of their hairs, they’re Rias-senpai and Asia-chan’s…….?”

“There’s no way that I have kids!”

I don’t want to have kids when I haven’t even had sex! I wanted to say that but in front of my bad companions, I stopped. To these two, me living with bishoujos means I am the target of their jealousy!

Although I try to say an excuse, without having ears they continue their distrust.

“From appearance, they look like, 3 or 4 years….. Ise is 17 right now? ……… I guess it was just barely?”

“Seriously!? T-This guy, while pretending he didn’t have experience, was laughing at us in the shadows…….?”

Matsuda and Motohama are staring at me while making expressions I can’t explain.

“W-Wait a sec! Y-You guys, what sort of calculations are you doing!? What are you imagining!?”

“It’s an emergency convening! It’s me! [Case D] outbreak! It’s [case D]!

While taking out his cellphone, Matsuda is contacting somewhere. W-where are you contacting!?  And what’s [Case D]!?


Motohama is taking pictures of mini Buchou and mini Asia! Heeeeey! What are you filming!?

“Matsuda! I have seized evidence!Let’s go to the “exterminate Ise committee” meeting location!”

“Alright! Ise! Once the meeting is over, be prepared! Since we are always praying for your unhappiness!”

My two bad companions leave this place quickly! I try to stop them!

“Hey! What’s with the Exterminate Ise committee or the praying for my unhappiness always! Wait! You two, where are you going leaving your buddy behind!”


I heard that cruel voice from far away.


  1. Thanks for the translation. I have downloaded the hs dxd link from homon or whater his name is (no offence) and tried reading the translated volumns that was in it. Not that I'm not appreciating his hard work but dang it is extreamly hard to read and understand. The one I'm reading now is volumn 5 so I don't its work. But like I said it is very difficult to read because of the format that they have going. Anyways eneough of my bitching lol thx for ur hard work

  2. Great. Thank you for your work