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Ophis short story Life 1 Part 2 (incomplete)

Like I said, it's a long one, I have finished the Azazel part with this. But still a lot is left ^^


Part 2
Around noon of the appointed day of shopping-----.

The place where me and Rias visited taking along Ophis was----a department where we a lot.

The ceiling was an open atrium. The oblong building’s inside was fused with department stores and shopping mall, and as a complex business establishment diverse genres of all types of shops were lined.

Maybe because of the holiday, the inside of the department was crowded with people.

Yes, this department was also the basis of the battle field with Sitri.

Maybe Ophis was curious, while expressionless she kept turning her gaze here and there in the department store.

We come to this department store while coming from school, and on holidays also come with Asia and the others often too. Rias has also come enumerable times for shopping here.

After shopping we enjoy waiting at the food court and stuffing our cheeks with takoyaki etc. I think it’s fine for devils to wait at the food court after shopping!

The department store also enriches the lives of devils!

“Now, first is furniture. Let’s start with choosing a bed.”

Rias who stood up first srarts walking briskly towards the furniture store.

I pull Ophis’ hand, and followed her. If I don’t pull her by the hand then within the blink of an eye she’ll get lost.

We roam around ordinarily in the furniture room looking for bed and bedding. We have Ophis lie down, and had her confirm the size of the bed and comfort. Well since her thoughts are all “It’s not bad”, it became Rias’ judgement on what to get.

Rias orders a thing with a pretty expensive tag heartily with her card.

……Well, well, no matter how expensive a Princess’ shopping is, everytime with the single crimson colored it gets done. It seems like a special card with no credit limit…..

Just how much is Rias’ bank balance…..? It’s useless to think about calculating a princess’ passbook, huh. It’s definitely an amount of money that’s equal to infinity for me.

I also have one more new passbook after becoming a part of the gremory family.

As the rule of the Gremory family, if you become a devil then it automatically gets made. I don’t about this on what the other high class devil families do but the gremory family properly makes does banking and contracts.

After doing the job of the devil, the wage etc. also gets deposited over there.

During the early days the amount of money that a high schooler gets from part time jobs got deposited but, after a certain day suddenly a different amount of digits got deposited that I doubted my eyes. Because, no matter how you look at it, the amount of zeros was strange!

After hearing that it wasn’t a mistake or anything from Grayfia-san,

“That is coming from the publishing rights etc. of ‘Oppai Dragon’ to Issei-san.”

Etc. is what I got as a reply!

Yes, the different digit deposit was-----in connection with Oppai Dragon! While the Oppai Dragon goods are being made, in my passbook an impossible scale of amount of money is being transferred!

Due to the amount of digits that make your eyes go dizzy, while confused, my mental state was one big question mark but, in the end, “As you’re an inexperienced devil and it’s still early to give a huge amount of money to a highschool student.”, saying that Grayfia-san is in control of my passbook.

…….Even to the idiot me understands that that huge amount of money will numb my sensation. Doing supervision of the gremory household’s schedule as well, I feel like bowing my head every time to Grayfia-san who’s supervising it.

“……The amount of money is for today’s shopping is already decided by Onee-sama. If we use too much then it seems we’ll be scolded later.”

Rias murmured that.

Ah, today’s shopping money is already decided in advance as well. Not to mention, for Grafyia-san to decide the amount of money.

Since she’s using it so heartily I thought she was buying things without a money limit however, that part is properly set, huh.

For even buying Ophis’ everyday goods to be controlled, Grayfia-san is really amazing. It’s Grayfia-san the super maid who supervises her sister-in-law’s and sister-in-law’s family’s money!

For us, it’s a person who doesn’t stop her mind from working….. Even for Sirzechs-sama it’s the same.

After finishing the purchase a complete set of furniture safely, the goods would reach our home later on. After leaving the furniture shop, it was the moment when were trying to set on towards the next shop.

“A limited time sale! You can put as much as you want in your bag!No matter how much you put in, 1 bag is 5000 Yen! 5000 Yen! It’s limited to one bag per person so please be careful! If your bag gets torn out then it will become invalid s”

It was the voice of a shop employee giving a precaution from a loudspeaker. Looking at it, in the clothes store’s time sale corner there was a crowd of people, and with a thirst for blood girls with a sharp glint in the eye were stuffing clothes in their ba.

“Hey! I grabbed that cloth first!”

“No! It was me who grabbed it first!”

That voice filled with fighting spirit came even till here. A terrific tug of war of clothes is being created at every place of the sale corner.

……Scary! If it’s this shopping the girls turn into beasts, and demonstrate a blood lust and a strength that they don’t show usually!

“That’s what I grabbed first!I won’t had it over! Since I lived for this day, I won’t definitely lose!

……..A voice that I recognize reaches my ears.

“Ara, It’s Rossweisse. She’s holding a huge pile under her arms.”

It’s that after all! It’s indeed as she said, a silver haired bishojo is mixed in with old ladies and gathering the clothes for sale!

That expression was a serious and sharp one, the likes of which weren’t seen till now! One that wasn’t even seen in the rating game, her face is tensed but that person!?

That Roseweisse-san is picking up a jersey with a speed unperceivable by our eyes! Fast! Isn’t it even exceeding Kiba’s sword speed!?

Rosweisse-san agilely stuffs it in her bag, as soon as she secured it, she let out a cute smile on her entire face.

“…….Today’s the best day!”

Seriously!? Just with a single jersey for sale!?

Just how cheap is this happiness!? No, happiness has only value for a some people so, it’s best not to be too foolish but…..even then, what’s with this silver haired bishojo saying “The best day” just by securing a jersey from time sale!?

Rossweisse-san is really a pitiful bishojo. Even though she has super pretty looks and her body shape is good too, but she doesn’t spend too much money on cosmetics etc, her dress at home is also a jersey without flowers. Her everyday goods are mostly 100 yen items, her clothes are also from time sales.

She seemed to be saving the change she saved at home in a savings box brought from 100 yen store. She said that it was her day’s enjoyment shaking it and checking how much she had saved up.

Can you believe it? That person, she’s spending her life like an economizing housewife but our ages aren’t really different you know…..?

It’s definitely not a bad thing but even for an instant she’s a bishojo so she should try to buy things make herself a bit more conspicuous! Put some money for that!

Wait, since I am a male highschooler, I am thinking like that!

“Onee-sama praised Rossweisse as a wonderful woman who can have self control.”

Rias says that.

Grayfia-san said that? ……..Now that you mention it, somehow or other, Grayfia-san and Rossweisse-san’s personality maybe resembling. Being minute in everything and a cool side, huh.

However, as a definitive difference, Grayfia-san is perfect, and Rossweisse-san is pitiful. Only that is something that no matter what she does she can’t overturn.

Grayfia-san won’t fight with the old hags during a time sale!

However, I think it’s good that Rosweisse-san has her own distinctive personality.

“Since she’s still looking for clothes, and calling out to her isn’t good too, so let’s go ahead.”

I say that to Rias, and we resumed going to a different shop while taking along Ophis.

For the time being, Rossweisse-san, do your best.

“The Ma’am over there! We’re going to cut a hard pumpkin easily now these special make kitchen knives so please have a look!”

The old ladies were clustered at one corner of the floor. Taking the better of my curiosity, I take a small peek, it seems like it’s a sales stage show.

Wearing aprons, a handsome looking man was wavering the kitchen knife in a skillful way and------!

 Looking at that apron wearing man I was so surprised that my eyeballs flew out of their sockets!

“Here, those two sisters over there! Woah, it was a mother and daughter huh! Well, that’s young! I completely thought it was an elder sister and a little sister!”

“No way, Azazel-san! You’re always saying that to me!”

It was Azazel-sensei saying sweet word to a middle aged ladyyyyyyyyy!

In the department store on a holiday, what’s he doing, this person!?  In front of me and Rias who were being surprised again and again, sensei skillfully cut the hard looking melon with the kitchen knife in the middle.

“How is it, ladies! This is it, the trump card, treasured sword, Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade------kitchen knife type!”

He’s given it an outrageous name but it’s got quite a sharpness.

However, somewhere from the blade I felt a golden aura…..wait, I have heard of that name somewhere!?

“That knife, is a scared gear which Azazel made after researching and getting results, an artificial sacred gear.”

Rias-says that!

That’s right! A bit back there was a combined athletic meet of the 3 factions, however during that time, sensei caused a big riot then, isn’t it his special make black history weapon!

It looks like something he wrote down in the data when he was in heaven after having wild ideas. Accoring to what he said to Michael-san, “it’s the strongest sacred gear I have thought about!”!

That “It’s the strongest Sacred Gear I have thought about!” kitchen type is now being used for a sales show!?

Sensei who is showing the cut melon to the ladies, chops off a paper or wood made chopping board and finally even slices off metal easily.

“Please have a look at this sharpness! It cuts even word or metallic things! Not to mention, even when being handled so crudely, it doesn’t have a single chip! The Ma’am over there! This kitchen nice is great! It even easily cuts off the evil spirit or your unfaithful husband’s partner! From the solution of household problems to exorcism, you can do everything with this one thing!”

“Ara, no way! You joke too much!”

“Shall we buy one!”

Etc. etc, he’s saying good things to the ladies, however it probably may be true! If it’s that knife then it maybe able to destroy evil spirits! Because, that floating aura from the knife is the real deal!

What a thing he’s selling, this rascal sensei! More like, since you’re the former Governor General of the fallen angels, try to act more dignified! Wait, I am saying this late!

While being bored Rias murmurs while sighing.

"The funds of Grigori he used without permission, he’s trying to recover them by doing that…..However to sell artificial sacred gears to normal humans is going a bit far. Well, since it’s Azazel, he probably made it so that it doesn't effect humans much……however even then I can’t leave it as it is.”

Rias takes out her cellphone, and started conversing with someone.

The call ends, and Rias smiles to me.

"I told the other side to inform Governor General Shemhaza. As expected of the new system Grigori, they responded as soon as you told them. They’ll probably seize urgently.”

What a thing! She made a report to Grigori! Shemhaza-san became the replacement for sensei who resigned.  …….Immediately after taking the office, she made this type of report, I conversely feel it’s a bit bad. I definitely won’t be able to endure the worries……

“Now then, if you buy these kitchen knives today then as a bonus this comes with it! What a thing! Disaster of Burning over freeze pot! No matter how much you boil, it won’t get charred, the best and hardest hot pot-----“ (T/N: He was trying to make a pun, best and hardest have the same pronunciation)

I and Rias leave that place leaving sensei who was swinging his speech. Well, if he looks at us who have brought along Ophis for shopping, he may come to us while saying something.  We retreat before being spotted.

After that, we haven’t seen sensei inside the department, perhaps he was caught by the people of Grigori…..

More like, even saying it is futile however, teachers are forbidden to have side jobs!


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