Sunday, 20 May 2012

Updates etc.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I am in Japan right now and since I don't have a proper connection, I can't do much browsing, nor upload much (the image below took me 15 minutes to upload).
Internet for a 1 month plan is a bit expensive(4800 Yen+ 12000 Yen for instrument) without that it's a bit difficult for me to do anything.
I have bought the Ophis short story and will start translating both the previous short story and Ophis asap (just got over my jet lag and a bit of traveling in my area to check out the shops).

Also, there was a short 2 page comic that came in the magazine, page 1 is uploaded below:
Issei, our underwear and gym clothes, everything is gone, you know anything about it?
Eh, really!? Wait, it isn't me.
...I have already inspected Ise senpai's room.
I ain't trusted, huh....
Only the school uniform that was locked in the closet is safe. However, where did has it gone....
You can't calm down with cold air passing by yo.
Wha!? Which means everyone isn't wearing underwear!?
(next page)
Auuh. I spilled the syrup.
It's all sticky....
It's more and more erotic!!
Please don't tease me!
Even then, it's strange that only our clothes have disappeared....
Hm? Sticky....Clothes...Dissapear...Where have I heard it....
A low grade being melting clothes...
Kyaa, my clothes are melting
Sura Tarou (volume 8's sura tarou)
....Akeno, Once you find it, burn it.
yes, Buchou.

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