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Ophis short story life 1 part 1 complete

Alright, done, here it is:

That day, the department store-----turned into a pandemonium.

Life 1: An infinite shopping!

It’s an event that occurred soon after riot at the underworld ended, and the Ouroboros dragon ophis began living in the Hyoudou household.

“We have to buy Ophis-chan’s everday goods.”

…….My mother’s words are very correct. Since it’s one body, Ophis came to live with me-----she isn’t possessing any everyday good.

And that’s why, starting from clothes, she doesn’t possess any luxury items.

No, I can’t think that the strongest dragon-sama will be troubled about clothes, or likes but, saying that when in Rome, do as the Romans do; since she’s living in the house, I felt it’s better to ave the same things that the inhabitants of this house have.

Gathering the members living in the Hyodou house in the night, we ask Ophis questions.

The contents of the questions are, “Since you’re living here, is there anything you want?” and “How did you continue to live your life till now?”, are questions from which we ask about Ophis’ situation immediately.

First is the former.

The representative Rias asks.

“Ophis, do you have anything you want right now?”

While staying expressionless, she tilted her head and let out one sentence.

“Great Red’s neck”

That’s extremely dangerous! She replied in an entirely different direction!

Well, having her birthplace, the dimensional gap been occupied by Great Red, she can’t go back but, that’s Ophis’ no. 1 worry!

Since she’s living over here, she doesn’t need Great Red’s neck, right?

“…….Since we’re not Chaos Brigade, please don’t delve your neck into such a dangerous thing?”

While sighing I said that.   ……I see, she said it to those guys in such a lighthearted manner. With that as an excuse, they got a lot of power from Ophis.

While smiling a little, Akeno-san asks the latter question-----“How did you live your life till now?” is what she will ask.

“Ophis…….chan, is fine right? In what way did you live till now?”

When Akeno-san asked that, Ophis thought just a bit and then wordlessly shook her neck to the left and right. That action is cute. So much so that you can’t think this is the strongest and invincible dragon.

“I sat on a seat. I was in a room. I said my wishes. I gave snakes. Just that.”

……Due to just that simple answer of Ophis, the room became into an atmosphere where you couldn’t say anything. It’s a more harsh lifestyle than I imagined.

As if remembering something, she added.

“One more thing. ------Vali, became my partner in talking.”


….That bastard Vali, it probably weighed on his mind I guess. He’s a helpless battle maniac but I can’t think of him as one worrying about strange things.

However, with this it doesn’t become reference about her life. More like, will everything that comes to mind be necessary?

For the time being, we just have to go to the department and buy all the necessary things that we can think about. Thinking about that, Irina says with a difficult expression.

“Um, there’s something that really bothers me. More than that, if we don’t hear about that firstly, the everyday items that we buy will change.”

Is what she says. Something that really bothers her. What exactly is it?

After clearing her throat, Irina who has everyone’s gazes gathered on her asks Ophis.

“Is Ophis-san-----a girl, right?”


Ah. I see. I get it, that’s what it is, huh. What Irina was bothered about was----this person’s gender.

From appearance it’s a girl. Not to mention, a girl wearing black Goth Loli clothes. However, from what Azazel-sensei says, a long time back his appearance was that of an old man.

He’s an old man, you know? Due to this cute appearance you can’t imagine it to be that but……Furthermore, before that the appearance was different as well.

That’s right, this is a human shaped dragon-----can change its appearance at will. Right now it’s a human girl hwoever, for this Dragon God, the concept of a gender is not present is what Sensei told.

Since it doesn’t have a gender, Irina was bothered about it.

------is it fine to treat the current Ophis as a girl?

Depending on that answer, even the everyday items we buy will differ. Since a girl requires more items than boys.

Girls are more sensitive to those sort of things after all. I didn’t realize it at all. I thought that if we can just buy the things for everyday life, it’s over.

I see, even a single undergarment will be completely different.

While everyone’s gaze concentrated on Ophis, it only said a single word of noticing.

“I don’t know.”

S-So it’s come to that…..w-well, it’s indifferent regarding gender. Somehow it became the appearance of right now.

Now then, is it a male, or a female, which one’s everyday goods should we buy. Is it fine we also buy that in a gender neutral manner?

I have a good question while twisting my neck.

“Then, which underwear are you wearing right now? Isn’t it faster to decide what to buy that way?”

Is what Zenovia says.

That’s a splendid judgement method. Something like her….. However, right now from appearance it’s a girl, even if we give him men’s underwear it’s a…… on that part even I want to feel romanticism.

No, a girl wearing men’s underwear, that sort of maniacal watching over may actually be present!

Ophis stands at that point,

“I don’t have underwear.”

While saying that Ophis starts to roll up the skirt------!

“Stop, Stop!”

Rias immediately restrains Ophis! Good decision! B-But, there’s a bit of feeling of regret…..!

“……Are you thinking of some perverted things?”

“Is that so? Eyeing even the Dragon God in a sexual way isn’t good, Ise-sama!”

Koneko chan mutters it staring at me and Ravel gives a warning!

“Sorry! My sorrowful nature unknowingly turned into regret! Girls not wearing panties are attractive!”

I speak out my mind straight! Sorry for my thoughts being perverted!

“Ise-san! I-I will remove it anytime!”

“Oh, leave it to me, panties right? If it’s for Ise, I will remove it anytime.”

While being embarrassed Asia tries to remove her panties and Zenovia gets caught up too and without hesitation starts to remove her house wear pajamas.

You peopleeeee! Not good, copying those sort of things!

“Eh!? Going by the flow, do I also have to remove it?”

Looking at her two best friends’ sudden movement, Irina gets bewildered! Her wings are already switching between white and black, and is confronting the danger of becoming a fallen angel! It’s the proof that she’s troubled on whether to remove it or not!

What are you doing in my room, you church triooooooooooooo!

“I won’t remove.”

That’s right, Rossweisse-san!

Looking at that exchange, Akeno-san gave a little weird smile, and Rias sighed.

Rias says it shrugging her shoulders.

Since we’re living together, this house’s man, the eldest son Ise recognizes Ophis’ conduct as a girl, there’s no question of treating her as a girl or not. Then let’s do the shopping as that of a girl as well, huh.

On Rias’ opinion, everyone agreed. Well, there isn’t really a reason to worry. The gender is ambiguous however, Ophis’ appearance is that of a bishojo, no matter who looks at the Ophis right now, they’ll think of Ophis as a girl I think.

“Next time’s holiday, let’s go to buy the necessary things for Ophis’ living. There’s no need to go in a group, I and Ise will accompany Ophis. It’s fine, right Ise?”


I immediately replied to Rias’ proposal! There’s no reason to refuse the invitation!

“It’s fine to ask the Gremory household’s servants as well but, since you’re living in this city, it’s better to at least see the human world for yourself. Meaning that shopping would be a good experience. You can follow us on things you don’t know.”

Rias says that.

Yeah, it’s going to be fine if the Dragon God who doesn’t know about the world follows us! More like, even though you don’t about the world, doesn’t mean you can cause trouble to the people around you.

Like this, me and Rias were supposed to go buy Ophis’ everday goods.


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