Saturday, 26 May 2012

Random pics

Well this isn't a travel blog or anything but just thought to share my pictures with you guys:
 Gin-san's (from gintama) recommendation- ichigo gyuunyuu(strawberry milk and pudding). + piza man and a cheese bread
Another of gin-san's favorites: Parfait- chocolate and banana
Omuraisu (omlette rice): 


  1. Looks amazing :) I don't know about the omelet rice though lol.

    Enjoy your time in Japan!

  2. OHhh, true japanese food uh? those look really delicious, im hungry now =P, seems like you are really ejoying yourself there. i wonder if you could post a few pictures of intresting things or places you visit. like for example the TRUE RAMEN!! and if its not much to ask the recipe for it too =P