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High school DxD Life 3 part 1

Alright here it is. I have been procrastinating in releasing this one due to being busy next week due to exams and hence not being able to release anything during that time (nearly done with life 3 part 2 as well which I will release some other time to make a steady flow of releases).

Starting next week my RL is going to get hectic with a bunch of work piled up. Therefore, I have been contemplating on handing over life 4 and life 5 to code-zero since a project this big requires a huge amount of time & effort and this results in me ignoring my other projects and juggling between priorities including RL ones. I may translate a few random parts of volume 5 alongside code-zero later on but on a large scale I can't do this without proper motivation and user support. I have contacted code-zero regarding the hand over.

If I ever decide to work on this project in a major fashion, I'll probably do it only on a donor support basis, kind of like how tadanohito does his work(which I doubt would ever materialize seeing the leechers) but till then I am grateful to everyone(the non leechers) who visit this site and for their support and rest assured, I shall finish life 3 at least, keep checking for further releases!

Enjoy the release~

Life 3. I got a Kouhai (boy)
Part 1
“Forbidden Balol View?”

Buchou nods to my question.

“Yes. That’s the name of the sacred gear Gasper possesses. It’s very powerful.”

“To stop time, isn’t it close to breaking rules?”

Upon my words Buchou responds.

“Yes, that’s true. But your doubling power as well, and Hakuryuukou’s halving power as well are both against the rules too, you know?”

T-That’s true but…. even then, to be able to stop time, you can only ignore rules that much.

“The problem is that he’s not able to handle it. Because of that Gasper had been sealed till now. Unconsciously activating his sacred gear was seen as a problem.”

Just like I thought, huh.

“However, you sure were able to make such a guy with a powerful gear into your servant, Buchou. Not to mention, to be able to do it with just one piece.”

On my words Buchou brings out a book in her hands from mid air, flips the pages of the book, and presents it to me opened.

Looking at it, it was the explanation page for Evil Pieces.

“-------It’s a mutation piece.”

“………Mutation piece?”

Kiba answers to my question.

“It’s different from the usual evil piece, bodies that clearly require more than one piece to be reincarnated can be reincarnated in one piece, it’s a piece that can make special phenomenon occur.”

“Buchou possessed that piece.”

Is what Akeno-san says. Kiba continues further.

“Usually, for high class devils, 1 in 10 devils possesses a single piece. It’s an irregularity born when evil piece system was created, it’s kind of like a bug but it seems it was kept for the fun element. Gasper-kun is one who used that piece.”

Oh, meaning Buchou used a rare piece on Gasper, huh.

“Problem is Gasper’s ability.”

“Buchou, what do you mean?”

“He possess a rare ability and it seems his Sacred Gear’s power increases when he’s unconscious.Maybe because of that, every day his power is increasing. ------From the previous conversation we can say, in the future, there’s a possibility he may attain balance breaker.”


B-Balance breaker? That is, even in the best of times a dangerous thing, right? If the guy who’s incapable to control his power will attain it….. Not to mention, a scared gear to stop time!

Maybe because she understood looking at my surprised appearance, Buchou also put her hand on her forehead with a troubled face.”

“Yes. It’s a critical situation. However, because my evaluation was accepted, it seems I was judged that I may be able to control Gasper now. Maybe because I made Ise and Yuuto attain balance breaker that the people evaluated me.”

Leaving Kiba aside, mine is limited with conditions attached, and that too it’s incomplete, you know? Ah, I heard that I too was valued quite a lot when I defeated that bastard Raizer. My master Buchou would have been valued even more I guess.

Even though vanishing Dragon intervened, we were able to defend without any large destruction in the incident with Kokabiel.

That’s why, if it’s the current Buchou, she may be able to handle Gasper, is what the big people judged, huh.

“…….Uh, e-e-even though I don’t want you to talk about me…..”

There’s a big cardboard box placed beside me. He was speaking from there. I kick it silently.


A shout was heard. Whose is it? Of course, it’s Gasper-kun.

Because he’s extremely scared of the outside world, it seems he’s entered a cardboard box. This guy is……  You hate it that much, places outside of this room.

“Judging by ability, maybe after Akeno he would be next. Even though I say half, he’s from a pureblooded vampire family with a good lineage, and has got a powerful sacred gear because of his human part. He’s endowed with the ability of vampire as well, he excels in human magic wielded by wizards as well. If not a lot but originally he wouldn’t have been made a bishop with just one piece.”

Is what Buchou says. Wow, he’s that amazing, huh, this hikikomori vampire-kun.

Ah, but, is he alright with daylight etc.?

“Buchou, vampires are weak against the sun, right? Is he fine?”

Buchou nods on my question.

“He possess the blood of a special vampire known as Day walker which can move in the day, so there’s no problem. However, he may dislike it.”

Day walker? Heh, there was a vampire like that, huh.

“I hate daylighttt! It’s better if the sun disappeareeeeeed!”

I see, I see. Even for devils, the sun is like a natural enemy. However, since we’re students of this school, it’s not good if we don’t attend school during day, you know?

“You don’t attend class right? If you don’t conquer your power and open yourself up then it isn’t good, you know?”

I say that but he just screams.

“No! I am fine inside this cardboard box! The air and light of the outside are a natural enemy to meeeee! Please let me remain a boy who lives in a cardboard boooooox!”

…..This is terrible. I wonder what’s wrong.

“Also, he doesn’t blood? He’s a vampire right?”

Buchou responds to my question.

“Since he’s a half, he’s not that thirsty for blood. If you supply the blood for the transfusion once every 10 days then there’s no problem. Though before it seemed he didn’t like drinking blood originally.”

“I hate blooooood! I hate fish tooooooo! I hate liver as welllllll!”

If you’re a vampire with intense likes and dislikes the what the hell will you do!

“……A good for nothing vampire.”

Koneko-chan spews out those words. As expected, she doesn’t show mercy.

“Uwaaaaaaah! Koneko-chan is a meanieeee!”

Is it because they’re first year class comrades, she won’t be merciful? Huh? Even though I am of a higher class , she doesn’t go easy on me?

“For the time being, till I come back, Ise, Asia, Koneko, Zenovia, I’ll leave Gasper’s training to you. Me and Akeno will be going to the meeting place of the top of the 3 factions. And Yuuto, it seems Onii-sama wants to hear in detail about your Balance Breaker so accompany us.”

“Yes, Buchou.”

Buchou has it tough too. Wait, Kiba was called by Maou-sama. About that Holy-demonic sword?

Ah, if I remember correctly, that sword is, since originally that balance breaker was an impossible phenomenon, so it is an irregular form for a sacred gear. Well, wanting to investigate would be natural.

“Ise-kun, sorry but, I’ll leave Gasper-kun to you.”

“Yeah, leave it to me, Kiba. Well, since Asia, Koneko-chan and Zenovia are here too, we’ll do somthing. Probably.”

To be honest, I am a bit uneasy…… The hikikomori Vampire. I am very uneasy the future.

“Gasper-kun, you should start getting used to the outside, you know?”

Akeno-san speaks across the cardboard box.

“Akeno onee-samaaaaaaa! Please don’t say stuff like thaaaaaaaat”

“Ara ara, that’s troubling. Ise, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yes, if I am requested by Akeno-san, then I’ll do my best as well!”

I can’t betray Buchou and Akeno-san’s expectations!

“Yeah. Then, Ise, shall I thoroughly discipline him? A weak man is no good. And also I wanted to face off with a vampire since childhood. Leave his treatment to me.”

With that Zenovia pulled on to the rope attached to Gasperin-Cardboard box. Wanted to face off against, wait…. Do you want to destroy Gasper…….?

“Eeeeeeeeek! N-N-N-No way I want to fight against the user of the holy sword Durrandaaaaal! I-I’ll be destroyeeeeed!”

“Don’t scream, Gaspair. If you like, shall I prepare a cross and holy water, and also attack you with garlic?”

“Eeeeeeeeeek! Garlic, noooooooooo!”

It may have been his misfortune to have met Zenovia. Is what I thought.

More like, Zenovia-san. If a devil exorcises, then you’ll receive damage as well. I am uneasy about the future…….


  1. Appreciate all the work you are doing.
    “Yes, that’s true. But your doubling power as well, and Hakuryuukou’s halving power as well is against the rules, you know?” - this sentance reads a bit awkward, also in regards to cardboard, would cardboard box fit better?
    Hope this helps

    1. Made the changes. Thanks for the input.

  2. Thank you for your releases man. If you actually stop translating the ln It will be such a pity, but real life stuf is way more important than this. Anyway thank you for the release and keep up the good work (whenever you have time and motivation)

  3. Thanks, this was faster than i thought!!! im raelly happy but sad at the same time cause i have to wait again xD, hope you can manage your RL smoothly and without issue.

    You may not know but you got quite a few fans cause of your translations xD

  4. Awesome work as always, Akuma. And no rush on the translations, I know I'm content with what we have and that it isn't easy to translate, so do your best like you always do and I'll keep reading