Thursday, 8 March 2012

Site Established

Alright, I have finally decided to create my own blog for translation of ecchi, H-manga and Light Novels(other series that I do will be posted not here but on the site for which I am working for such as Japanzai). If you have any raws you can provide me that hasn't been translated, kindly send me a mail on my contact or just post a comment. I'll be doing series with less hiragana as that would help me in my own learning of the language faster (learning is a continuous process, you know?).

My interests are anything mainstream. Gore/Tentacles/futanari or anything else that makes my stomach turn is strictly prohibited. I'll be translating most projects for free, and some will be private commission. Fighting and sports mangas are also less recommended since I don't really find them interesting after some time.

Slice of life, romance, comedy etc. are all good.

Also, I have 2 volumes I have been dying to translate that I bought from Japan, Onee-chan to Shiyo! and Domestic Love Syndrome, but since I can't scan them I am looking for someone to provide me raws. Kindly contact me for these two

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