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Highschool DxD Volume 4 Life 2 part 5

Alright, here's the next part of this life. This one takes things to a new level, though would someone mind reminding me when was the first kiss between them?
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So here it goes:

Buchou was sitting in front of my room.

She was puffing her cheeks as if in displeasure. I wonder what’s wrong.

“Bu-Buchou. Would you like to enter my room?”

Buchou nodded without any words. Somehow, she became a normal girl.

After entering the room, Buchou jumped on the bed, and was quiet while lying upside down.

It was a situation where it was difficult to say anything. I sat on the floor and was searching for some sensible words in my brain.

“My mother, father and your family sure got along well.”


Uh, no words. No, I felt that a silent room was more displeasing, so without worrying I continued.

“This meeting is…. I feel it is good. Dad and mom also seem to be enjoying. Your father and the others as well…..there’s also the point that they were too upbeat but….”

“……..I know. I am happy too that my father and Ise’s father were talking enjoyably.”

Ah, I got a reply. That’s good.

“Hey, Ise.”


“Are you happy to have met me?”


I didn’t imagine that question. Buchou continues on.

“I am happy to have met Ise. A life without you is impossible. Think of it as an honour. You hold a lot of space in my heart, you know?”

Y-You were that affectionate for me, huh….. I have got her favor as a servant!

“It’s an honour! I am also happy to have met Buchou! I can declare this positively!..... But, when I think that someday Buchou will also get a boyfriend, I, can’t take it….. thinking that you might go someplace far away”

Buchou raises her head, and tells me.

“Ara, I, won’t get myself a boyfriend, you know? More than that, for you to say that stuff, it’s a bit of a shock.”

“Eh? B-But, don’t you have to get yourself a husband?”

“That’s true. For the continuation of the house, getting a son-in law for the house is important.”

? No, once more I didn’t get it.

“I decided to model the son-in-law of my house, myself. If I have to do it anyways, I’ll rear him according to my own ideals. That way is faster. Hey, Ise.”

“Haah, I see.”

I didn’t get it much but Buchou raising the son in law herself, huh. If I were to wish, I want to be in that place but that itself was very hard. The future husband of Buchou….. What kind of husband will be born after being reared by Buchou?

Nooo, I want to be in that place after all! …..But, I wonder if it’s impossible.

“I have thought about my marriage ceremony as well, you know? Japanese style would be good. For the reception, someplace in Japan would be good. If you talk about a place with beautiful scenery then----.”

Buchou already had imagined it till there, huh. No, I want to marry Buchou!


My mouth was suddenly closed. She had her arms around my neck, with a chuu…. I received Buchou’s kiss!? Uoooooooh! I-I am kissing Buchou once againnnnnnn!

T-This, sensation of lips! To be able to taste it again! It’s soft and a sensual contact!

It's my second kiss with Buchou! I did it! I received Buchou’s second kiss! Um, for what thing is this reward for? N-No, let’s leave the small details out! I-I want to be proficient in this sensationnnnn!

With that, while I was moved, abruptly Buchou’s tongue was tasting my lips! Like that it’ll enter my mouth----.


Mine and Buchou’s tongues interwined a bit and doing that I was pulled back by my neck, and the kiss that I felt would go deeper had ended!

A thread of saliva was going though mine and Buchou’s mouth, Buchou seemed to be making an expression of regret.

Uhiiii! For a thread of saliva to from mine and Buchou’s mouth! I feel like I’ll die after being moved so much!

No, it’s alright to die! Ah, as I thought, no! If I to die then I want to die after doing more tongue action with Buchou! More like, I don’t want to ever forget the sensation of Buchou’s licking! It was really amazing!


The one who had pulled my neck was Asia. She’s teary eyed.

“Hey Asia. Don’t interrupt me when I am being affectionate with Ise. Even though he seemed to be enjoying his long awaited deep kiss that he was desiring…. It’s quite difficult to create opportunities, you know?”

B-Buchou! Your method of being affectionate with your servant is escalating! I am happy! That you very much! But, due to the stimulation being too strong everytime my brain is going numb!

“….Just... Buchou-san is unfair.”

“The early bird gets the worm. I learned it in my battle against Akeno.”

What did you learn, Buchou! Uoooooh! Buchou and Asia are glaring at each otheeeeeeer! Once again in my room a battle of girls is! Recently, it’s happening a lot here!

----While I think that, the golden haired Maid-san intervenes.

“You two, fighting isn’t good. I think especially in front of Issei-sama, it’s unwise.”

She separates the two who are glaring each other, Grayfia-san calms them down.

“That’s true, fighting isn’t good.”

Moreover, Sirzechs-sama also enters my room. Is the admiration meeting over?

“I slipped out a bit. There’s something that I need to talk about again. Rias, it’s the continuation of talk from daytime.”

Talk? What would it be? Ah, Buchou and Akeno-san were called by Sirzechs-sama.

To me who was questioningly thinking that, Sirzechs-sama said something which was out of my imagination.

“Let’s talk about the other Bishop.”

-----. That was, about the mysterious Bishop who was already present before me and Asia were reincarnated.


  1. Thanks for the translation Akuma, you're awesome! Also their first kiss was after Ise won against Raiser and left with Rias on the Griffon ;)

  2. Ah, thanks. No wonder I forgot about the first Kiss, it's been a long time ^^

  3. I know this has already been said, but thanks a lot Akuma! I'm really enjoying this series.

  4. Thanks a bunch Akuma! and i completely agree with your new policy for BT, just upload at your own pace :) i hate lechers too :P

  5. Thanks for the support everyone, I'll be churning out releases for the LN, unless it doesn't burden my other projects and RL commitments.

  6. Man, thanks for your hard work for us who can't read japanese!