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High school DxD volume 4 life 3 part 2

This one is probably my last release for this week before I get caught up in a roller coaster ride till sunday (read exams). I'll probably be getting something good delivered to me tomorrow, and will make a post about it as well.

This part was probably the second longest part I ever did, next one is a bit shorter, but after that is the longest part I have seen I think.

Anyways, enough of my ranting and enjoy the release~

Part 2
Hey, start running. If you’re a diouka then you should be able to run in the day.”

“Eeeeeeek! Don’t chase me while swinging the durandaaaaaaal!”

As we approached evening, the vampire was being chased by the holy sword wielder.

Looking from an outsiders perspective, it was completely a vampire hunting. Durrandal was also letting out a dangerous sound alongside emitting a holy aura.

Gasper was also desperate in running away. Well that’s cause if she catches up, he’ll be destroyed in a moment.

It seems that Zenovia is training him starting from physical strength on the pretext of “A healthy spirit starts from a healthy body”

She’s a lively lady as usual. This lady who’s swinging the legendary weapon and chasing him seems to be happy as well.

Now that I think about, after she’s become used to living here, she said that what she does and what she has to do, everything is enjoyable.

That part is probably the same as when Asia got used to living in this city. Since they lived their lives in a simple fashion as believers, Japan with almost no religion, its workings would be fresh to them

“Even though it was an honor to have met the Bishop-san just like me, we haven’t even properly seen each other’s faces……..*sob*.”

Asia seems regretful. She’s a bit tearful.

At my house she used to say it a lot “I want to meet the other Bishop-san”, she was anticipating her meeting. Even though it’s their long awaited encounter, since he’s a max level human hater, can’t help it. Well, we all are devils.

More like, not even seeing our Asia’s face….. Shit! I can’t forgive that part. However, got to bear with it. Although he’s a senpai as a devil, he’s a junior in school. There’s also the part where I have to guide him as his senpai as well.

Koneko-chan was chasing Gasper alongside Zenovia while holding a garlic.

“……Gya-kun,  if you eat garlic, you’ll become healthy.”

“Nooooooo! Koneko-chan is bullying meeeeeee!”

Are these two 1st years getting along well……? I had heard that Koneko-chan could be a unique irritating character but……. is she bullying? More like, Koneko-chan is calling him “Gya-kun”.

“Oh Oh, they’re at it.”

With that, the student council member Saji appears as well.

“Oh, it’s you, Saji.”

“Yo, Hyoudou. After hearing that there was a hikikomori servant whose ban had been lifted, I came to see it a bit.”

“Ah, He’s over there. The one getting chased by Zenovia is him.”

“Hey hey, Miss Zenovia, she’s swinging the legendary sword heartily, you know? Is it alright?, huh. Oh! Wait, it’s a girl, huh! Not to mention blond haired!”

Saji seems happy. You would think that right.

“Sorry to say, that’s a girl’s clothing guy.”

Hearing that, Saji seemed to be completely dejected. He’s heartbroken.

“Well, this is swindling. More like, since he’s wearing girl’s clothing, it would be to show it to someone, right? And since he’s a hikikomori, it’s too much of a contradiction. It’s quite difficult.”

“That’s right. It’s an incomprehensible cross dressing habit. Also can’t say anything about it suiting him. And, what are you doing Saji?”

Saji is wearing a jersey, army cotton gloves and was also holding a small shovel for flower bed use.

“It’s as you see. It’s the maintenance of the flower bed. It’s been Kaichou’s orders since a week ago. Hey, recently the events in the school have been many right? And also, next time Maou-sama and the others are coming here as well. It’s the job of the pawn of the student council, me, to make the school look beautiful.

He puffs out his chest and acts magnificently, but doesn’t that mean he’s incharge odd jobs…..? Meh, I can’t break his sentiments so best keep quiet.

[Za Za…..]

After that conversation, there was a presence of someone coming near us. When I moved my gaze to the direction----- I doubted my eyes.

“Heh. The servants of Maous’ family’s devils are playing over here.”

An evil looking male wearing a yukata----. I recognize him.


“Yo, Sekiryutei. It’s been some time since that night.”

Everyone is dubiously staring at him who appeared suddenly, With my single word the atmosphere completely changes.


Zenovia has her sword at the ready. Maybe because she sensed the atmosphere, Asia hides behind me, I made my boosted gear appear as if protecting her. Why is the governor general of the fallen angels at a place like this!?

Saji also while shocked brings out the face of a deformed lizard on his right hand. It’s Saji’s sacred gear.

“Hy-Hyoudou, by Azazel you mean-!”

“I am serious, Saji. I have come in contact with this guy plenty of times.”

Maybe cause of my serious response he understood, Saji made a battle position as well.

Azazel smiles bitterly on our postures. Let alone thirst for blood, I didn’t even feel the presence of him trying to do a battle.

“I don’t feel like fighting. Hey, thaw your postures, Low Class devil-kun. You should somehow know that even with the bunch gathered here, you wouldn’t win against me, right? Even I don’t plan on bullying low class devils. Since I was taking a stroll, I came to visit the devils place. Is the holy demonic sword wielder present? I came to see him.”

Even though this is what he says, nobody thawed their posture. Like we’ll believe something a fallen angel says! More like, your aim is Kiba, huh!

“If it’s Kiba, then he isn’t here! If you’re aiming for Kiba, then I won’t let you do it!”

Since Kiba became a rare balance breaker, does he plan on making him an offer?

“…….Seriously. Even though you weren’t able to win against Kokabiel, there’s no way you can win against me. ----I see, the holy demonic sword user isn’t present. This is boring.”

While scratching his head, Azazel approaches. There’s no hostility at all. Because of that, it’s scary. Because of the fear my hands are trembling.

Against one of the leaders, Kokabiel, we couldn’t do anything. If more than that, a top level opponent comes….even instant annihilation is possible.

I don’t want to go on to the next world as soon those black wings unfurl…..If I have to die, then at least let me die after doing ecchi things with Buchou!

Azazel points to a certain tree.

“The vampire hiding over there.”

Gasper hiding in the tree shade gets panicked. While approaching Gasper, the fallen angel Governor general says.

“You’re the possessor of the forbidden balol view, right? If you can’t use it properly, then it will become a thing that causes harm to others. As a support type Sacred Gear, if you can supplement the deficient aspects, it should be fine but….. Now that I mention it, the research of sacred gears by devils didn’t progress much. If you invoke it via the 5 senses, if the sacred gear’s owner’s capacity is insufficient then, it will move naturally, and it will be extremely dangerous.’

As if peering into Gasper’s face-----, more like Azazel is peering into both his eyes. Gaspel himself was trembling from the top head of the fallen angels approach. I think it’s an obvious reaction.

However, I don’t feel anything strange or an evil malice from Azazel. His expression looks like he’s full of interest. Maybe because the others also sensed it, they didn’t know how to respond.

Looking at him, Gasper is looking like he’s being attacked by the fallen angel but….

Azazel turns around towards us, and points to Saji. While scared, Saji makes a posture as well. However-----

“Is that Absorption line? If you’re practicing, try using it. Connect it to this vampire, if he invokes it while you’re absorbing the sacred gear’s excess, it would probably run less wildly.”

On Azazel’s explanation, Saji shows a complex expression as well.

“……..M-My sacred gear, it can suck the power of the opponents sacred gear as well? I  thought it simply it absorbed the opponents power and weakened them…..”

Hearing that, Azazel had an amazed expression.

“Seriously, it’s because of this, that recently the sacred gear owners don’t try to know the power of their sacred gears well enough. The absorption line holds the power of one of the legendary 5 dragon kings, the Prison dragon, Viritra. Well, this was found out thanks to recent research. That thing can connect to anything object, and can scatter that power. If it’s a short time, it’s possible to separate the line from the owner’s side, and connect it to some other person or object.”

“The-, then, the line on my side….for example I can connect it to Hyodou or some other person? And then the power will flow into Hyodou?”

“Yeah, if you grow, the number of the lines will also increase. If you do that the output of absorption will increase many times as well.”


Saji got quiet. More like, about Saji’s sacred gear, if Azazel’s explanation is true then isn’t it quite an amazing thing?

No No, this guy is the governor general of the fallen angels, you know? The boss of the old enemy of the devils! It’s obvious that he’s a bad guy! ……..I think that but, I don’t feel any hostility after all.

I worry about what Kokabiel said.

“His sacred gear collection hobby is abnormal.” ---is what he said. Is this related to that?

“In improving the sacred gear, the fastest way would be to drink the blood of the host of the sekiryutei.If you let a vampire drink blood, then they’ll gain power. Well, do the rest yourselves.”

The Fallen angel’s Governor general-san says just that much, and with a single look turns to leave the place. However, only once he stopped, and turned his face towards me.

“Sorry for Vali-----Our hakuyuukou for coming into contact with you on his own accord. I am sure you would have been surprised, right? Wh—at, he’s an unusual guy but he doesn’t think of settling the rivalry between red and white immediately.”

Is what Azazel says but….

“What about you, won’t you apologize for coming in contact me repeatedly without informing about your identity?”

I unconsciously complained as well. However, I was seriously surprised. For the client to be the Governor General of the fallen angels, there are limits to even bad jokes.

But, Azazel shows a mischievous smile and says a few words.

“Well, that’s my hobby. I won’t apologize.”

Saying that, he left the place.


We were left behind. We exchanged glances and were troubled on how to react but Saji after sighing moved.

“……For the time being, shall I use my sacred gear on the new face-kun over there. In that state, let’s try using his sacred gear and practice. In exchange for that, next time, I will have you help me out with the flower bed.”

On Saji’s suggestion, everyone nodded, and Gasper’s sacred gear training got started.

Saji connected the tongue of the absorption line on Gasper, and sucks the excess power. As Azazel said, absorption was possible. ….Seriously, he’s well informed about the sacred gears, that Governor General-san.

After that, the volleyball that we threw, the moment it came into Gasper’s field of vision, it got stopped. The objects can be only stopped completely for a few minutes interval. If it was a ball, it was stopped in mid air and stayed like that. If it’s a living thing, it’s movements were stopped and remained in the same posture.

The people that got stopped, in that interval, they were completely stopped, to the point of consciousness, they don’t have any memory of the interval when they were stopped. I experienced it as well so I know. I can feel some malaise but not to the point of knowing what happened.

There’s no problem of things entering his field of vision but it’s no doubt that it’s a powerful sacred gear. The more closer you enter in his field of vision, the longer you get stopped, the farther you are the bigger the range of vision but the time of stoppage gets shorter.

Because Gasper is unable to effectively use his sacred gear, only certain things within his field of vision can be stopped. I feel like concluding the present situation.

Since it’s still impossible for him to invoke it consciously, there were also accidental cases when the moment he glanced towards someone and a part of their body became lightly stopped.

Seriously pardon me from the unconscious invoking.

During those times, Gasper would yell out apologizing “Sorryyyyyyy” and try to run away. Catching him and trying to bring him back is troublesome as well.

It would be good if he would only stop the ball coming in his direction, but it’s very difficult. This may be…….more difficult that I thought. Sacred gear’s ability is one thing but the practice of the owner, Gasper himself is difficult.

However, because I was asked by Buchou, I have to accompany this guy. I will make this guy into a maginificient time user! Is what I was saying to pump myself up.

“How is it? Is the practice making progress?”

Buchou came to see us after making sandwiches for us. Seems like she was worried about Gasper after all. The person in question, is having his power sucked continuously and saying Eek Eek.

We eat the sandwiches during rest time. Kuh! The miraculous spice does it work and it’s super tasty!

“Buchou, it’s tasty!”

“Fufufu, Thanks. The ingredients weren’t a lot so I was only able to make simple ones.”

Even then it’s most delicious! Saji also groaned “Tasty!”

Akeno-san and Kiba who are not here are with Sirzechs-sama or somewhere.

Buchou is surprised to hear about Azazel but Buchou says

“I hear Azazel has deep knowledge about Sacred Gears. Advice about Sacred Gears…. Maybe he had spare time to give advice to another person.”

 For some reason, she started to ponder.

“Rias-senpai’s back, I will be going back to working on my flower bed.”

After taking in 2, no, 3 sandwiches Buchou made in his mouth, he says that.”

“Saji-kun. Thanks for going out of your way to keep my servants company. I say my thanks.”

The bastard Saji after making Buchou say her thanks goes red in the face.

“I-It’s alright. You’re Kaichou’s precious friend and I saw some new possibilities of regarding the sacred gear. I have to work on the crops as well so.”

Saji is a good guy after all. His mouth is bad but he kept us company for quite some time.

“Later, Hyoudou. Work hard.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

After I said my thanks as well, Saji left the place.

After sending Saji off, Buchou said to Gasper who was resting in the shade of a tree.

“Gasper, you can still continue on right? After getting sucked by Saji-kun, your power has been regulated to a perfect level, for the remaining time I will also keep you company in the training.”

Ooh! Buchou, this is promising! Buchou treats her servants valuably after all. Above all, she’ll properly keep company in the training! She’s doing it for me even now.

“I-I’ll do my besttttttt”

On Buchou’s voice, while exhausted, Gasper stood up as well.

Alright. I’ll keep him company to the end as well today!

Like this, Gasper’s sacred gear practice continued till the night.


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