Friday, 9 March 2012

Highschool DxD Light Novel volume 4 life 2 part 4

For those of you unaware, I am the same 'Akuma' who works at Bakatsuki for translating the Light novel Highschool DxD volume 4.

I am in middle of an experiment of changing my ways of uploading since on BT there's a bunch of lazy and ungrateful leechers, and hence probably will go with the release policy of 1 day later upload for Bakatsuki after it is released on this blog (time to get them to move their asses if they want earlier releases).

Without further ado, here it is:

“Ara, Asia-chan, you’re looking good in the video!

My mother is in a trance looking at Asia on the TV.

“Hahahaha! Paying attention to a daughter’s blossoming is a parent’s duty, after all!”

While drinking sake, Buchou’s father is heartily laughing. This person, after drinking sake he’s become a different cheerful person all together…. Even though he was that much of a dandy person before!

After dinner at the Issei house, the admiration meeting for today’s classroom visit had begun.

The participants were, my mother and father, Buchou’s father and Sirzechs-sama.

While gulping down sake, they were comparing the video they shot mutually.

The girls in question were at the end of living room with their faces red and were praying “End quickly, end quickly!”. This is like half dead.

They had cheekily shot me as well! Don’t take shots of me working on my PVC clay! I don’t know what my parents and Buchou’s father talked about in school but it’s certain they hit off well and have become close. Really, what happened?

“This is…. A hell, the likes of which haven’t been seen before ….”

Buchou was shaking her whole body while blushing to the maximum limit.

“Please look! Our Ria-tan is raising her hand and answering Sensei’s question!”

Sirzechs-sama! He’s commenting on his little sister’s blossoming with a high tension! Ooh! Buchou covered her face with her hands!

“ I can’t bear it! Onii-sama, you idiot!”

Aah! Buchou ran away not being able to bear it anymore!

Supan! Sirzechs-sama is knocked down by Grayfia-san’s paper fan!


I became worried and chased after Buchou.

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