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A little update-High school DxD volume 4 life 3 part 4

Well I was working on volume life 3 part 4 which I had originally skipped out and since this one is quite long, I thought I post it half at least. I'll be working on it again within a few hours (as soon as I finish 100 pages of volume 8 of Haruhi Suzumiya to be more precise, which I happened to pick up due to my boredom)
Finished the entire part, without doubt this one is the longest I ever did with 2926 words!
Anyways I should be done with life 3 by this weekend, rejoice!

Part 4
“Gasper, please come out. It’s my fault for pushing you into going with Ise.”

Buchou was apologizing in front of the door of Gasper’s room.

“I thought that if you worked with Ise, it may be for your benefit as well…..”


Gasper who had locked himself in the old school building could be heard crying loudly to the point of dying.

He hates people, he can’t control his sacred gear and causes trouble to people, it seems the his worries are complex. No, before that, Morisawa-san was scary. That’s for sure.

I heard from Buchou.

Gasper’s father is from a noble family of vampires but since his mother was a human mistress, he wasn’t pure blooded. I heard they hate those who are non pure bloods more than devils, the vampires who scorn, even if it’s their sibling, their treatment is discriminating.

Gasper was bullied by his siblings since childhood, even when he went to the human world, he was treated as a monster, he had no place he could call home.

However, he possesses a unique ability of vampires, and the ability as human----- a special sacred gear, since he was born with both of them, even if he didn’t want to, as he grew older, I hear his powers also became bigger.

Even if he wants to become friends, by some chance his sacred gear gets activated, and stops the other person.

“Hey, Ise. How would you feel if you could stop time?”

I am asked that by Buchou.

“…….I, am a bit scared.”

Even if I imagine, there’s only bad images. If I stop time, what will I do? While my time was stopped, what happened to me? It will definitely bug me. Even if the other person doesn’t think about it.

The people who were stopped by Gasper must have thought that. If suspicion gets born once inside the heart, then companionship became impossible, and they must have started to fear Gasper.

Gasper experienced that time and again. It’s the unhappiness that is tasted by those who obtain Sacred Gears.

Asia was the same as well. From being called a holy maiden to a witch------

It seems the sacred gears are a gift from God but……. I hear that even though God isn’t here, but since the Sacred Gear program God left is still living and operating, the sacred gears won’t die out.

Indeed they are powerful as weapons but corresponding to that it has the power to make the user unhappy as well.

“I-I…..don’t need such a sacred gear! B-Because I stop everyone! I scare them! I make them dislike me! Even I dislike it! I don’t want to stop my f-friends and c-comrades…. Any more of having to look at the face of my cherished ones’ stopped….. I-I don’t want that……”

Gasper is sobbing inside the room.

He was chased out of his house as well, in any world Gasper wasn’t able to live, he was troubled by the roadside. At that time he was targeted by vampire hunters and lost his life once. It seems he was picked up by Buchou there.

However, in those days, Gasper who was endowed with a powerful power couldn’t be controlled by Buchou, and was ordered to be sealed by the higher ups. And then, his seal has been lifted now.

“What a quandary….. For making this kid to once again shut himself in….. I am a failure as a King.”

Buchou is depressed. Buchou isn’t wrong. Gasper isn’t wrong either. Rather the one who is wrong is me. Even though they placed their hopes on me and made him accompany me in the work, I wasn’t able to do anything.

“Buchou, isn’t your meeting with Sirzechs-sama and the others from now?”

“Yes, but I will extend the time a bit more. I have to make sure of Gasper first----.”

“Please leave the rest to me. I will do something about it.”

On my suggestion Bchou also couldn’t object strongly. Since the meeting is important as well.

The bosses of the three great powers are going to assemble. That setting is important. If something inconvinent occurs on the same day, with just that the gap between them may increase much more.

“It’s alright. I finally got a male kouhai! I will do something about it!”

Is what I proclaim while puffing out my chest. It’s a bluff. Truthfully, I don’t have much confidence. This sort of delicate type isn’t my forte. But in front of Buchou I will make myself look cool.

“Ise. Alright, I got it. Can I count on you?”


After hearing my vigorous response, Buchou nodded with a smile.

As if regretfully and worrily, Buchou glanced Gasper’s room once and left this place.

After seeing Buchou off, I took a deep breath, and sat in front of the door.

“Till you come out, I won’t move one step from here!”

I thought of a lot but for me who is an idiot, I can only do this! Sit down! Plain and simple! I think that since ancient times this is the best thing that works against people who shut themselves in! Probably!


It’s a battle of endurance. With that I furiously remained seated for an hour, but there is no change. There is no sign of him coming out either.

……Just sitting quietly like this isn’t going to help, huh. While feeling that, I talked tried talking to him.

“……Are you scared? Of the sacred gear……and of us?”


I talk across the door.

“I also possess the sacred gear which resides the strongest dragon. However, my life was not as amazing  you who was a vampire, or like Kiba. I was a normal male high school student.”

I don’t know how much reaches him. However, let’s speak my honest feelings.

“I…… to be honest, am scared. While using the dragon’s powers, I feel that some part of my body is changing into something else. I don’t know much about devils right now either, nor about what a dragon is. However, I feel I want to proceed further.”

Since there isn’t anything else for me.

“Why? M-Maybe, you may lose something important, you know? Why do you senpai, can live a life straight forward so much………?”

Oh, he replied. That’s good. He’s hearing my story then. But, that question is troubling……

“……No…… Since I am an idiot, I don’t get the difficult stuff. Just----.”


“-----I don’t want to see Buchou’s tears once more. During the time we did the rating game, we all lost. I was defeated hollow to the point I have any memories of when I was defeated. I won’t be pathetic…… even then, I remember only remember Buchou crying.”

I closed my fist tightly. That time-----even remembering it now is mortifying.

“……It was intense. It’s deeply etched onto the interior of my brain. Not to mention, my comrades kept getting defeated one after another. In the end, only me remained…… Even now I see it in my dreams. It’s a dream where I am running around on the battlefield alone. I finally found Buchou but, she was crying and I was unable to do anything……”


With a dull sound the door opened up a bit.

“……I wasn’t present during that time.”

Gasper’s profile appeared from behind the door and he looked like he was earnestly holding back his tears.

“Ah, I understand. I am not blaming you for that. But, from now it’s going to be different, right?”

“……I, I will just cause trouble…… I am hikikomori, I am intensely shy…..I can’t properly use my sacred gear…..”

As I touch Gasper’s head, I peer into both his eyes.

His sacred gear present here, huh. The ability to stop time.

“I don’t hate you. As your senpai I’ll always look after you. ….Well, as a devil you would be a senpai. But, in real life I am your senpai so leave it to me.”


Gasper blinks in surprise but I continue.

“Lend me your power. Let’s support Buchou together. If you’re scared of something then I’ll send it flying away. Even if I am like this I house the legendary dragon’s power, you know?”

I give out a smile but Gasper was troubled by my comment.

“Would you like to drink my blood? If what that bastard Azazel said is true then if you drink my blood then you may be able to control your sacred gear.”

That time, said that. If it can be done with this then I think it’s a cheap price…..Will I become a vampire? I have heard that if you’re a virgin and are bitten by a vampire then you become one but…..

However Gasper shook his head horizontally.

“…… I am scared. Of drinking blood directly from living beings. I am of even scared of my power…..If anything more happens than this then….. I will….. I will…..”

“Yeah. You’re don’t like being used by your sacred gear, huh. However I am jealous of your ability you know.”


Just by a few words from me Gasper showed a surprised expression from the bottom of his heart. Eh? What’s with that reaction…..

“Did I say something weird? Because, isn’t it the best to be able to stop time? If I possessed that sacred gear then, it would be terrific. I would definitely use it on the class’ girls, no, of the school’s girls to do indecent things. I can affirm this. I would be crawling on the corridor and peeking on girl’s panties I guess. Ah, if it’s that sacred gear then, I would stop B-Buchou and her on her b-boobs….! Ah, jut thinking that I would be able to do as I wish with those boobs, my drool isn’t stopping! That’s it! A-A-Akeno-san’s boobs are good too! Rather, peeking at her panties is good too! Uwah, my wild ideas aren’t stopping!”

-----Wait, this isn’t the time to be saying such stuff with drool hanging on me! Aah, Gasper would definitely be shocked of me and-----.

I thought that but he was smiling as if happy.

“Ise-senpai, you’re a kind person.”

He said that with the finest quality smile. Uh, even though he’s a male my heart just throbbed a little. This is dangerous.

“It’s the first time I was told that way. I wasn’t ever told that people were jealous of me. Not to mention even giving concrete examples…… Ise-senpai, you’re a funny person.”

That may be true. Sorry for being a lecher.

“Got it, listen closely, Gasper. ----I want to transfer the power of the Sekiryutei onto Buchou’s boobs.”

On hearing my straightforward feelings, Gasper let out a surprised expression but gradually his eyes moistened.

“……Amazing, Ise-senpai. While possessing a powerful sacred gear, to be able to face forward with indecency that much……. It’s a thought process that won’t reach me, I don’t know why but I sensed a bit of dreams and your wishes. Ise-senpai, your lusts are overflowing with courage, right.”

Hahaha, I feel like I am being made fun of, maybe it’s my imagination!

“Yeah that must be it! It’s a powerful sacred gear! I can use it! I will use my sacred gear in order to satisfy my sexual desires! I have declared it to the dragon residing in my gauntlet as well! I’ll suck Buchou’s breasts! And then, as a new objective I’ll transfer the gift onto Buchou’s breasts! No, it’s fine to transfer it to Akeno-san’s boobs as well! Uwah! My dreams are increasingggggggggggg!”

Oh, not good. I unconsciously made a speech fervently and my drool is hanging. Not good.

“I-I also feel that I got a bit of courage flowing in me. In reality it’s only a bit though…….”

“Good good, you’re a nice kid. Here, look at my right hand. I have rubbed Buchou’s breasts with this hand, you know?”

Gasper looked with astonished eyes on my right hand upon hearing my speech. Fufufu, this is my prideful story.

Saji also bit on this story. I am happy that Gasper also bit on this story. He’s a male after all.

“R-Really? N-No way…… To be able to touch your master who is a high class devil…… With Ise-senpai there are only surprising things occurring…….”

“Also, about the story of transferring it to boobs, it’s Maou-sama’s idea. I have thought of following Maou Sirzrechs-sama for my entire life. That person is amazing! He’s drawing out my abilities!”

“B-Boob transfer… be able to use the possibilities of the longinus beyond the general domain….. Maou-sama is the strongest after all.”

Before I knew it I had entered his room and was deep in talk with Gasper.

“As expected of Ise-kun. To be able to have a friendly chat with Gasper immediately.”

While me and Gasper were talking to each other unreserved, the one who appeared was Kiba. He entered the room as if peering into it. Was he worried? As always he’s a good guy.

That’s right, perfect timing. Since all the male club members have gathered I’ll begin my important conversation.

“Kiba, I have something to talk about.”

“What is it, Ise-kun.”

“Me, you and Gasper are males.”

“That’s right. But suddenly hearing about that, what happened?”

“I have thought about a cooperation between the male team of Gremory household.”

“That has…. Roused my interest. What do you mean?”

Oh, Kiba bit it as well. Alright, let’s talk about my plan.

“Firstly, I gather up power. Then, after transferring it to Gasper, stop the time of the surroundings. At that time, I touch the girls who are stopped as much as I want.”

“------. …………You once again thought some ecchi ideas. Well that’s that but if it’s just that much then there isn’t any duty of mine, is there?”

On my plan Kiba let out the words lightly but….. I explain more calmly.

“No, there is. You go to balance breaker mode, and protect me.  Maybe while I am doing ecchi stuff the enemy may attack. This is an important cooperation.”

“Ise-kun, if it’s for you then I’ll do anything but……let’s talk about the future seriously. -------your method of using your power is too ecchi. Ddraig will cry, you know?”

[Kiba is a good guy.]

Don’t say it in a teary voice, Ddraig! Since I am your possessor, assist me in my erotic ideas!

“Kiba, you bastard! Don’t look at me with that pitiful look! You handsome bastard! You have it good! You can eat girls all you want! I can’t even eat a single one!”

“…..since it’s you, once you realize it, you’ll be addicted to it, Buchou and the others seem to pamper you as well so stop what you’re saying……They do say that self realization is a terrifying thing.”

Kiba says something with a profound meaning but, meh, it’s alright.

“Alright, male comrades, let’s speak frankly. ------First round [The best part that you like about a girl]! First is me! I like looking at girl’s boobs and legs!”

Kiba and Gasper are smiling bitterly but weren’t disliking it. But I didn’t miss out the fact that Gasper had been shaking his hands from the start to the end.

He’s scared probably I think. Not of us, but of stopping us-------.

He’s scared of his time stopping sacred gear which may invoke any time from the bottom of his heart. Of the conclusion that that sacred gear brings about.

If he stops the other person, he’ll be hated. Because of that fear his body and mind is driven into a corner.

However, let’s enjoy it even if it’s for now. No, I want to make him enjoy it.

“Sorry but is it alright if I am inside the cardboard box? ……I won’t close the lid. Just, when I talk to people, I can calm down inside the cardboard box.”

Is what Gasper says apologetically.

It’s regrettable but I allowed it. There’s no helping it since it’s the first time. Forcing him isn’t good either. Let’s bring him out from his cardboard box gradually.

“Ah, this is calming~. This is it~. The cardboard box is my heart’s oasis…..”

Is it that much! Is the cardboard box that healing a space for you!

…….However, this guy, the cardboard box suits him……. More like I am used to seeing him inside. The cardboard box vampire. Since it’s extremely new I am troubled on how to react…….

“If you dislike meeting eye to eye with people that much then, how about this------.”

I made two holes in a paper bag kept in the room and placed in on Gasper’s face.

“T-This is…..”

The girl clothing young boy wearing a paper bag on his head in the dimly lit room. A red glint of his eyes is coming from the part where I had opened holes!

“H-How is it~? Does it suit me~?”

He’s sluggishly coming closer in the way of a zombie! What intensity! No matter how you look at it. it’s a degenerate! I am seriously scared!

“Ah, but, this…… It’s good right. It may suit me…….”

“Gasper, for the first time I have felt that you’re amazing.”

“R-Really…….? If I wear this then my value as a vampire may increase……..”

Yeah. More than a vampire, it’s a pervert at full power. What a quandary. Those around me are all weird people.

Like this, the indecent talk of males only through the night began.

I knew it but Kiba was surprisingly a lecher himself.


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