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High school DxD life 3 part 6

Two more parts remaining before this is done ^^
Part 6
With Akeno-san leading, me and Michael…….san headed to the main shrine.

A halo is the proof of an angel. I heard this from Buchou before. For angels, their identifying features are the halo above their head and their white feathers, fallen angels’ feature is that don’t have a halo and their wings are black. Michael-san had golden wings. He has the aura of a big person floating around him.

Inside the quite large main shrine there were a number of huge pillars. From the center, I felt an unknown surge of power, and it tingled my skin. This aura, what is it? It’s full of danger signals.

“Truth is, I thought of awarding you this.”

Huh? Will he be giving me something? I send my gaze towards the direction Michael-san is pointing with his fingers, over there was floating a sword oozing out a holy aura.

…….Uwah, this must be a holy sword! Even the ignorant me knows this surge very well. Since I have come to see Excalibur, Durrandal , I know what a holy aura means.

“This is Georges----if I say Saint George then would it better introduced? It’s the dragon slayer’s holy sword, Ascalon, he possessed.

No, I don’t know anything about any George or saint George at all you know.

[It’s a famous dragon slayer. Well, you should also study a bit more.]

Shut up! And, what’s up with that Dragon Slayer. Doesn’t it have a dangerous smell just from the name itself?

[A group of people who made slaying dragons their job------and also the term used for the weapon they used.]

…….Assassins specializing in dragons, huh. Scary. Does that mean I am also a target? I dislike this more and more…….

As a special courtesy, since I am giving this, even you a devil who has the power of the dragon can handle it. Before you can possess it, do you think you can assimilate it into the boosted gear?]

Is what Michael-san is saying but is it possible?

[It depends on you. The sacred gear answers on your feelings. If you wish for it, it should be possible.]

Is that so. Yeah, how should I do it. More like, listen to my question.

“Why, give it to me?”

No matter how much I think I ask him that. Why is this seemingly valuable thing being given to me? I am the old enemy for the angels, not to mention, I am housing the dragon who caused trouble during the war a long time ago. I think I am the worst existence for them. Michael-san answers while smiling.

“This time’s meeting, I think there’s a huge opportunity to cooperate between the 3 great powers. I hear you already you know it so I am saying this but, we lost our creator-----God during the last war. Our enemies also lost the old Maous in battle. The leaders of the fallen angels are reticent. Azazel also has his official stand of not wanting to create wars. This is a chance. A chance order to get rid of the useless battles. If small scale battles continue like this intermittently then anyhow the 3 great powers will be destroyed. Even if that isn’t the case, from the side other powers may invade. That sword is a present from me to the Maou side. Of course, I also sent presents to the fallen angel side. I got the rumoured holy demonic swords from the devil side as well, our side is very grateful as well.”

Haa. Michael-san is saying quite difficult things. Meaning, this time’s meeting is important, and he wants to make peace with us Devils and fallen angels.

However, other powers? What’s with that? Is there something else besides the three great powers?

[About that. Other than powers written in the holy scriptures, other mythological systems exist as well.]

……What’s that? Ddraig, that’s the first time I have heard of that…….?

[Ordinarily, they don’t walk over from their territory. Since an implicit anti-war agreement was present. However, we don’t know if the others will move when they find out that the God of the holy scriptures has died. This talk also about making sure that the three great powers don’t utter the non-existence of the God of the holy scriptures outside.”

?????? I don’t get it. I don’t get what Ddraig is saying at all.

My mind is full of questions. I don’t know about the deep internal conditions between the devils, angels and fallen angels, you know?

Michael-san continues on his talk to me whose puzzle wasn’t solved.

“We heard that the one who opposed us, the Welsh dragon had become a devil. As a greeting, and alongside as a present we’re giving you that sword . From now you’ll probably targeted by Dragon class dragons and the vanishing dragon. I thought that for the rumored ‘The weakest host in history’, it may become a supporting weapon.”

Sorry for being the weakest! Even like this I am working hard, you know!

It’s all things I don’t know but I understood that he’s giving me this sword.

No, but why me?

“Is giving it to me alright? More like, why me?”

“Only once have the three great powers held hands together. That’s during the time they defeated the red and white dragon. Since the two dragons who trespassed into our battlefield threw the battlefield into disarray.”

I have heard that story from Ddraig before. And so, master Ddraig, he’s saying something.

[……Who knows.]

So you’ll play dumb, huh. Meh, it’s alright.

“Wishing that we hold hands together like that time, I am placing my hopes in you------in the sekiryutei. It’s typical Japanese right?”

I thought of something but…… since the top of the angels is saying with a smile on his face, I’ll believe it is the truth.

I turn myself towards the above mentioned sword. But, can I touch it? Isn’t a holy sword dangerous for devils? Not to mention, isn’t it the worst case for it to be a Dragon slayer!

Akeno-san says to me who was having difficulty in extending his hand.

“There were final adjustments done on that sword in this shrine. Maou-sama, Azazel-sama, and Michael-sama’s camps’ ceremonies have been performed so even if a devil houses the power of the dragon, he can touch it.”

Seriously? If Akeno-san says it then it must be true. If it’s Akeno-san saying it then I can believe it!

I fearfully took the holy sword floating in mid air in my hand. ……Nothing happened. I feel the holy aura but no damage or bad power is flowing into me. It seriously seems fine?

[Partner, focus your consciousness on the boosted gear. I’ll follow up after that. ------Try making the sword in your hand combine with the surge of the sacred gear.]

You say that but even if I am told that……

For the time being I focus on invoking my sacred gear, and made the red gauntlet appear. I try combining the surge of Boosted Gear with surge of the holy sword in my hand.

…….The holy aura flows into the sacred gear. It passes through the sacred gear and the sensation of a bad surge flows into my body but…….. slowly it becomes familiar, and a sensation as if it is being taken in by Ddraig’s power attacks me.


After running the red flash------a gauntlet existed with a blade growing out of the front portion of the back of my left hand.

“…….It seriously combined.”

Amazing. The sacrd gear and the holy sword integrated. The sacred gear grew out of the boosted gear!

After confirming it Michael clapped his hands.

“And, it’s time. I have to go soon.”

Huh? You’re already leaving?

------Ah. There was something I wanted to say if I met the angel side.

“U-Um, I, want to say something to you.”

“Time to visit the conference, let’s hear it after the conference. I’ll definitely hear it. Don’t worry.”

After saying that, Michael-san’s whole body is wrapped by light, after a flash of a light for a moment, the big shot of the Angels had disappeared from this place.


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