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High school DxD life 4 part 3

This is fucking it! 3990 words! You won't realize how much I labored for this one! One more part for this life left, a bit shorter than this one. Be grateful to how much effort I put in this!

With this, I have translated over 5300 words in a single day, broken my own previous record! :)

Oh and we finally get to know where the opening lines of the volume come from!

Anyways enjoy~

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Part 3
[Knock Knock] Buchou knocks on the meeting room’s door.

“Excuse us.”

Buchou opens the door, and there is-----

A gorgeous and pompous looking table. And as if surrounding it, people who I recognize are sitting. The air is enveloped by quietness and everyone had a serious face.

Gulp. I also swallowed my spit due to the feeling of nervousness. Asia also grabbed the end of my clothes as if uneasy. I lightly lasped her hand to ease her.

Devil side. Sirzechs-sama, Leviathan-sama. Ah, the waitress is Grayfia-san. She was on standby besides the tea preparing cart.

Angel side, the golden feathered Michael-san and a unknown girl angel-san. Normal angels are white wings after all. More like, she’s a amazing beauty. The beauty surely is angel class! Ah, she’s an angel, huh.

Fallen Angel side, Azazel with his 12 wings unflurled and Vanishing Dragon, Vali.

Glancing at me, Azazel’s lip’s end rose as if happily. Ooh, today he isn’t wearing a yukata but a black robe elaborated with ornaments. As expected he won’t be wearing a yukata in this place.

Sirzechs-sama and Leviathan-sama as well are wearing clothes with ornaments decorated on them.

“My younger sister, and her family.”

Sirzechs-sama introduces Buchou to the VIP of the other factions. Buchou also bows.

“In the attack of Kokabiel a few days ago, they were active during the raid.”

“I have heard the report. I give my thanks once more.”

Michael-san says his thanks to Buchou. Buchou conducts herself coolly, and once more bows.

“Sorry, Kokabiel of my side caused you trouble.”

Without a timid expression, Azazel says it. What an attitude.

Buchou also twitched her mouth.

“Sit on the seats over there.”

Taking Sirzechs-sama’s direction, Grayfia-san urges us to the chairs near the wall. On one of those seats Sona-Kaichou was already sitting.

Buchou sits besides Kaichou. Buchou makes me sit besides her, after that is Akeno-san, Kiba, Asia, Zenovia, Koneko-chan sat continuously.

After confirming that, Sirzechs-sama says.

“Now that everyone has arrived, I’ll say the preconditions for the meeting. The people present here acknowledge the most important event forbidden subject, i.e.  Non-existence of good.”

Huh? Kaichou knows about it as well?--------I glanced towards Kaichou but she didn’t have a particularly surprised expression.

Was she informed about it beforehand by Buchou or her one-san, Leviathan-sama?

As if ordinary, Grayfia-san looked like she knew about it as well.

“Then, acknowledging that, let’s continue the conversation.”

Like this, with Sirzechs-sama’s sentence the conference between the great powers began----.

The conference is progressing smoothly.

“Like that, we angels-------.”

Michael-san says that.

“That’s true. That way would be better. If it’s like now, certainly the 3 great powers will go down the road of destruction-----.”

Sirzechs-sama also says that.

“Well, we don’t have any particular thing to fuss over.”

There were instances when this place would freeze when Azazel who would say a sentence occasionally as well but I thought that the Governor General of the fallen angels was purposely making that atmosphere and enjoying it.

Ooh, the VIPs are doing a fastidious conversation but honestly the subject to me is a jargon. Since my devil history is too shallow. I don’t know what’s occurring.

Devils, Angels, fallen angels, it may be a valuable conversation for them but I don’t understand it at all. No, no matter what’s occurring it would be better to keep my mind here but my brain can’t process…..

Yeah……since I can’t help it, I looked at Buchou’s boobs who was beside me.

Aah, Buchou’s boobs……. They sure are big. My body which knows it’s feeling, I should soon know it’s taste as well but…… stepping up is considerably difficult. 

Buchou realizes my gaze on her breasts, and let out a bitter smile. She takes my hand, and clasped it. Buchou’s hands was shaking a little. -------Is she nervous?

Participating in this important meeting, and she has to report as well, it may be natural. Even Buchou will be nervous. Since it seems it’s being said that this conference may be written down in history.

I also clasped Buchou’s hands without saying anything. Buchou, if this is alright with you then I’ll lend you my strength anytime.

(My My, Buchou and Ise-kun are lovey dovey in the middle of the conference.)

Akeno-san says it in a small voice while smiling.

(I am drawing courage from Ise’s hands. This is the most effective after all.)

Buchou! It’s an honour! If my courage is alright with you, then take it as much as you want!

More like, before I knew it Buchou and Akeno-san have made up, that’s good. Woah, I was going to stroke her breasts.  The conference continues, and it’s finally Buchou’s turn.

“Now then, Rias. Could you speak about the incident a few days before?”

“Yes, Lucifer-sama.”

After being urged by Sirzechs-sama, Buchou and Kaichou, Akeno-san stood up, they talked about a part continuously about the recent Kokabiel’s attack. And everyone of the 3 great powers hears it.

Buchou talked about the summary of the incident she experienced herself plainly in a calm manner. Maybe due to maximum level nervousness, those hands were shaking after after all.

Due to her speech, something of the 3 great power’s may change. No matter how courageous Buchou is, this place’s atmosphere would be very painful. Besides Buchou is around the same age as me--- a girl.

Each of the faction’s VIPs who heard the report were, letting out sigh, scowling, smiling------each person had a different reaction.

“-------That is all. The report which I, Rias Gremory and the household devils over there experienced.”

Buchou who had said everything had finally seated on Sirzechs-sama’s “Good work, sit down”. Good work, Buchou!

“Thanks, Rias-chan

Leviathan-sama also sent a wink towards Buchou.

“Now then, Azazel. After hearing this report, I want to hear the opinion of the Governor General of the fallen angels.”

Upon Sirzechs-sama’s questioning, everyone’s gaze concentrates on the black haired Governor General.

Azazel started talking after letting out an intrepid smile.

“Regarding the incident a few days back, Kokabiel, a leader of our Central Organization, Grigori, kept quiet to the other leaders, as well as to me, the Gover General, and acted independently. His disposal was done by Vali. After that, in the organisation’s court martial his punishment was enforced. His punishment is eternal freezing in the Cochytes. He can’t come out anymore. The explanation for that, everything was written in the material that was forwared to you, right? That is all.”

Michael-san says while sighing.

“As the explanation, it is the worst category but------ I know about the story of you personally not wanting to make anything big occur against us. Is that true?”

“Aah, I don’t have any interest in wars. When Kokabiel also disparaged me, don’t you have the report for that as well.”

Yes, as Azazel said, Kokabiel said quite a lot of bad stuff of his bosses.

He’s a person who’s passive about wars, and only has interest in sacred gears-----.

This time Sirzechs-sama asks Azazel.

“Azazel, I want to ask one thing but, why these tens of years have you been gathering owners of sacred gears? At first I thought you were gathering humans, and attempting to augment your battle potential.I even anticipated you to to wage war heaven or us but…….”

“Yes, no matter how much time passed, you didn’t wage a war against us. When I heard you got hold of the vanishing dragon, I was enveloped by a strong wariness.”

Michael-san’s opinion was the same as Sirzechs-sama’s

Hearing the two’s opinion, Azazel smiles bitterly.

“It’s for the sake of Sacred Gear research. If that’s the case, should I send a part of the research materials to you as well? Even if I did research, I wouldn’t wage a war against you or anything. I don’t have any interest in war at this late of an hour. I am perfectly satisfied with the world right now. I have ordered strongly to my subordinates, ‘Don’t interefere with the human world’s politics’, you know? I have no intention of intervening in religion either, nor to influence the business of the devils. -----Damn, is my trust in the 3 factions the least?”

“That’s true.”

“That’s right.”

“That’s exactly it

Sirzechs-sama’s, Michael-san’s and Leviathan-sama’s opinion coincided. How far is he not trusted, the governor general of the fallen angels……

Upon hearing that, Azazel uninterestingly pecked at his ears.

“Che. I thought you were better than God or the last generation’s Lucifer but, you guys are troublesome guys yourself. Sneakily researching doesn’t get along well with you, huh. Ah, I got it. -----then, let’s make peace. Originally wasn’t that the intention as well? Angels and devils as well?”


Peace. Wait, doesn’t that mean they desire peace together?

On Azazel’s sentence, each faction was surprised for a small interval.

Buchou beside me, and even Kaichou besides her are considerably surprised. It seems like Azazel’s peace speech was quite a thing to be surprised at. It can’t be, it seems ------if it’s presented by him.

Well, even to me who is not informed about the situation, I think if the boss of one of the powers proposes that, then it’s an amazing thing. Maybe, am I witnessing a historical moment?

Michael-san who was surprised by Azazel’s proposal smiled.

“Yes, I also planned to propose peace to the devil side and Grigori. Even if we continue the relationship of the 3 factions like before, then it will become damaging to the world right now. I, the leader of the fallen angels says it since---------the original cause of the war, God and Maou-sama have been annihilated.”

Michael-san said that he wants peace in this interval.

Azazel burst our laughing on Michael-san’s words.

“Ha! That stubborn Michael has started to speak. Even though he was about God, God, God before.”

“…….I have lost a lot of things. However, there’s no helping seeking for things that aren’t present. It is our duty to guide himan. We members of the Seraph have the same opinion that the most important thing is to watch over the children of God from now on as well, and to guide them.”

“Hey hey, with your speech just now, you’ll ‘fall’ you know? -----I thought that but you took over the system, right. It’s become a good world. It’s as if completely different from the time when we ‘fell’.”

Somehow, due to all those special terms, I don’t get it but, it seems like a advanced dimension’s joke.

Sirzechs-sama also says the same opinion.

“We are the same. Even if the Maou isn’t here, in order to continue the species, devils to have move forward as well. Even we shouldn’t want war. --------If we do another war, the devils will be destroyed.”

On Sirzechs-sama’s words, Azazel noddend as well.

“Yes. If we do another war, the 3 factions will definitely be mutually destroyed. And then, it will effect the human world as well, and the world will finish. We can’t do wars now.”

Sometime ago Azazel had a joking mood, but it’s done a completely change and he has a serious expression.

Do you think a world without God is wrong? Do you think a world without God would decay? I am sorry to say but that isn’t the case. Me and you as well are both healthily living like this.”

Azazel said that while opening his arms.

“-------The world moves even without a God.”

------.I felt that I somehow understood only those words.

Even without a God I lived in this world. I feel that the other people’s lives don’t have a particular change either. In between all the difficult talk, I sensed that Azazel’s words “The world moves even without a God” was engraved strongly in my brain.

After that, the conversation moved to hereafter’s war potential etc. For some reason, the current military forces and each faction’s interaction, are talking about the power picture from now on.

Compared to sometime ago, the feeling of nervousness has reduced. Maybe they understood that no power wants war?

“------And, is this it?”

On Sirzechs-sama’s sentence, the VIPs let out a huge sigh. Somehow or other, it seems the usual important conversation is finished.

Is it around 1 hour since the conference began? It sure feels long. I am bad at such long things. It’s more fun to move around.

While Grayfia-san is serving as the waitress for tea, Michael-san turned his gaze towards me.

“Now then, the discussion has considerably been solved in a good direction, is it alright if we hear about the story of Sekiryutei-dono soon.”

Everyone’s gaze concentrated towards me. Owah! W-Won’t I be nervous. More like, he properly remembers about the recent thing at the shrine. As expected of the leader of the angels!

The thing that I wanted to ask Michael-san ---------I turn my head towards Asia, and prepared myself. Before coming here, I had taken Asia’s prior confirmation.

“Asia. Is it alright if I can Michael-san about you?”

Asia was surprised but she consented.

“If Ise-san wants to ask about it, then I don’t mind. Since I trust Ise-san.”

While smiling Asia gave permission. That’s why, I have to ask him.

“Why did you exile Asia?”

On my question to Michael-san, everyone had the astonished expression “Why is he talking about it now?

Sorry. However, no matter what I wanted to ask the angel side about it once.

---------Asia who trusted God that much, why was she exiled from the church?

Other than the fallen angels who killed Asia, I felt there were unforgivable parts to the angel side as well.

Michael-san replied in an earnest manner.

“I can only apologize for that.   ……..After God had been annihilated, only the sytem to govern divine protection, mercy and miracle remained. This sytem was, if I explain it simply, the system to perform the miracles etc. God did. God made the sytem, used it to bring about miracles above ground.To bring about the effect of holy things like exorcism, cross etc. these too are the system’s powers.”

I see, the damage we devils take when we touch the cross are the effects of the system, huh. And let’s try to hit the boss of the angels with more questions.

“After God died, in that…… system some trouble occurred…… is what you’re saying?”

On my question, Michael-san nods.

“To be honest, it gives a lot of hardship to anyone who uses it except for God. With me as the center, everyone of the Seraph was able to somehow start up the system but….. compared to the time God existed, the divine protection and mercy to those who believe in God is not complete. --------It’s an unfortunate thing but, those who can get salvation are limited.”

Now that you mention it, Kokabiel may have said it as well.

Something about since God isn’t here, there’s a limit to how many people can be saved.

“For that, there was a need to keep away those people related to church who could had the possibility to cause influence on the system. As an example of those who can cause influence on the system, a part of the sacred gear-------Asia Argento’s twilight healing is included as well. Your Boosted Gear and also Divine Diving etc. as well.”

“Asia is included because she can heal devils and fallen angels as well?”

On my question, Michael-san once again nodded.

“Yes. If there is a person who can heal devils and fallen angels present within the followers, it will influence the faith of the surroundings. The source of us living in the heaven is the faith of belivers. Because of that, Twilight healing is a forbidden sacred gear which can causes influence on the system. And also, as an example of influence on the system------.”

Zenovia interrupts Michael-san and continues.

“The people who know about the non existence of God, right?”

“Yes, that’s right, Zenovia. To lose you is a serious a wound even for us but apart if apart from us, Seraph and a part of the higher rank angels, a fair amount of people who know about the non-existence of God  approach the place with a direct connection then there’s a huge effect on the system. -------I apologize. There was no other way but to make you and Asia Argento heretics.”

Michael-san bows his head to Asia and Zenovia-----.

Ooh, the top of the angels is apologizing to Asia and Zenvoia! The two in question also stared in wonder. Indeed they’ll be troubled on how to respond. However, immediately Zenovia shakes her neck sideways, and smiles.

“No, Michael-sama, please don’t apologize. Even like this, till I reached this age I was brought up by the church. I somehow felt it a bit irrational but if you know the reason then there’s nothing such as asking why.”

“The fact that you reincarnated as a devil, that is our crime.”

“It’s alright.   ……..I regretted a bit but the things that I couldn’t do when I was serving the church, the things that were sealed from me are now brilliantly coloring my everyday life. If I say these words, I may anger the other believers but…….. Even then I am satisfied by my current life.”

Zenovia thought that way of her life with us…….

There’s also the part of her being a bit too other otherworldly but she isn’t a bad girl.

Asia also says it with her hands together.

“Michael-sama, I also feel I am happy. Since I now have a lot of important people. And also I have met and talked with the Michael-sama who I admired, it’s an honour!”

On Asia’s and Zenovia’s words Michael-san showed an expression of relief.

“Sorry. I am grateful to your forgiving heart. I leave Durrandal to you, Zenovia. Since it’s the family of the Sirzechs’ sister then I am at ease that it won’t be used by those who do as they please.”

Azazel is looking at Asia. Asia also noticed it, and trembled her body.

“It seems my subordinates killed her while keeping quiet about it. I received that report as well.”

I said it to Azazel clearly.

“That’s right, Asia died once. E-even I was killed by fallen angels but above that Asia! It may be something that occurred in a place you don’t know but the fallen angel girls who admired you killed Asia for your sake.”

I know that I have no right to say anything in this conference. What happened earlier was Michael-san’s measure. Right now it’s completely from my own personal grudge.

Buchou is also trying to warn me by saying “Calm down, Ise.”

Sorry, Buchou, but no matter what I have to……

“It’s true we fallen angels are eliminating those sacred gear users who may cause harm to us. As an organization it’s obvious right? Sensing that a person may in the future may become a threat, then if we know about it before hand, you’ll want to eliminate him. And because of that you died. The reason is, the human with no talent, you, could have run wild with the power of the sekiryutei without being able to control it, and have a bad effect on us or the world.”

“Thanks to you I am a devil.”

“Do you dislike it? At the very least, those around you are happy that you became a devil.”

It’s true that Buchou, Sirzechs-sama as well and my comrades too are happy that I became a devil. As Azazel said, if Ddraig’s power would be with who would remain a human, then I don’t what would happen. Even after becoming a devil, I can’t control it properly but,if it was when I was alive, then it would have been bad.

“I-I don’t dislike it! Everyone is a good person and I know that I am getting a favourable treatment. However!”

“Even if I apologize now, it’s too late. That’s why, I am thinking of doing something that only I can do to make you stand on both your legs.”

? I don’t understand Azazel’s true intention. What does he mean?

“Now then, it’s time we hear the opinion of people other than us, those who seem like they can influence the world. From the invicible Dragon-sama. Firstly, Vali. What do you want to do to the world?”

On Azazel’s question, the Hakuryuukou, Vali smiles.

“If I can fight strong guys, then it’s fine.”

………..Are you alright with that reply, you. You seriously only like combat? That seems like a nuisance to others though. Azazel’s gaze this time turns to me.

“Then, Sekiryuutei, what about you?”

Even if you ask that……. I reply while scratching my cheeks.

“To be honest, I don’t understand it well. Somehow due to all the fastidious stuff my head is in chaos. In addition to that, I am desperate about looking at my junior devil, so even if I am told what I think about the world, how should I say it, I don’t have feelings gushing forth.”

It’s my honest thoughts. Even if I am asked what I think about the world, I don’t have quite have any feelings about it.

“However, you are one of those who has the power to move the world. If you don’t decide your choice then it would be difficult for those standing on top of each of the powers such as me to move.

Even if I am told that by Azazel, I am troubled.

“Hyoudou Issei, then let me explain it in a very simple manner. If we fight, then there will be a need for you to also fight at the front stage. If that happens, you won’t be able to sleep with Rias Gremory.”


W-What….did you……say?

“If we make peace, then there won’t be a need to fight. If that happens, then what’s left important is continuation of the species and prosperity. You may be able endeavour making children with Rias Gremory everyday. How’s that? Is it easy to understand? If there’s a fight, then there’s no sex. If there’s peace then you can have sex all the time. Which will you choose?”

For the first time I understood Azazel’s language from the bottom of my heart! I see! If there’s peace then I can do ecchi things with Buchou all the time! No, can I do ecchi things with Buchou? Was I in that position?

However! If peace continues then I’ll be someday able to do ecchi things with Buchou! That wish is huge!

“I wish for one thing alongside peace! Yes! It’s peace, alright! Peace is the best! I want to do ecchi things with Buchou!”

I said my desires as it is. I didn’t mind Buchou who was beside me. Buchou had her face completely flushed.

“Ise-kun, Sirzechs-sama is present here you know?”

Kiba says it with a “Oh boy” and a bitter smile.

Ah……. That’s right.

Sirzechs-sama laughed in a low intensity. This is bad. I have to hurry up and give an excuse! I have to give a serious story!

“Um…… I, since I am an idiot, the meaning of the 90% contents of this conference are obscure. However, what I can say is, the power residing in me is strong then I’ll use it for my comrades. Buchou, Asia, Akeno-san and also the other members as well, if they’re exposed to trouble then I’ll protect them!.......Wait, I am still quite weak though. However what I can do is about that. Even if I have to risk my life, I will live with alongside my comrades------.”

While I fire the words with all my might, that sensation attacks.

--------My body’s functions stop for a moment.

That’s right, this is the sensation when I received Gasper’s time stopping.


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