Friday, 6 April 2012

High school DxD volume 4 life 4 part 2

Another one out in less than 22 minutes? The next two parts are extremely long so it might take some time for them, I am out for now.

Part 2
“------Now then, we’re leaving.”

Everyone of the Occult Research club has gathered in the club room. We nodded to Buchou’s words.

That’s right, today is day of the conference of the three great powers. The day has finally arrived.

The location will be Kuou Gakuen’s new school building’s staff meeting room. Today’s a holiday. The time is late at night. It seems each faction’s top are on standby in the new building’s lounge already.

Also, above all, this school was enveloped by completely by a strong barrier, and no one was able to enter. Of course, till the meeting is over, no one can exit as well.

Outside the barrier, angels, fallen angels, and devils’ troops are surrounding the whole school. Looking at the atmosphere which seems like a critical situation, Kiba said.

If by chance something happens in today’s conference, if the conference breaks down, this place might become a battlefield…..

S-Scary! It’s become something amazing. The sense of reality isn’t quite strong but, it’s an important day. I have to be proper as well!

We follow Buchou out of the club room.

[B-Buchou! E-Everyoneeeeeeeee!]

The cardboard box left in the room. Of course, the hikikomori vampire is inside it.

“Gasper, today’s conference is important so, since you cannot control your time stopping sacred gear, you can’t participate, you know?”

Is what Buchou informed gently.

Indeed, if Gasper who can’t control his sacred gear even now hinders everyone present in the meeting due to some shock, it will become terrible. Due to this, this guy will be watching over the club room.

“Gasper, be a good boy, okay?”

“Y-Yes, Ise-senpai…..”

“I have left my portable game in the club room so you can play with that, there’s sweets as well, you can them too. I have left the paper bag as well so if you become lonely, wear it to your heart’s content.”


Good. I nodded and followed Buchou who had left the room.

Kiba murmurs to me while smiling.

“Ise-kun, you’re caring after all.”

“Leave it tome, I will do something about a single male kouhai of me---.”

I said that brimming with confidence but, that was a bluff. I am uneasy about how long I can do it, even this. Even then, I want to do something for Gasper.


  1. "I want to do something for Gasper" in the last line.
    Thank you for these releases man.

  2. Look forward to the next release ^^