Sunday, 1 April 2012

High school DxD life 3 part 8

Another one out in less than.... 17 mins?

Part 8
[tap tap tap tap tap] The sound of Buchou’s footsteps descending the shrine’s stone steps were full of anger.

I, who was following behind her said nothing, and just tried not to be left behind.

Buchou hates her servant, me to be touched by other girls. It seems Asia and Koneko-chan are ok but girls other than that, even if it’s Akeno-san, she hates it. No, since it’s Akeno-san who’s closest to her, she hates it? No, I don’t get my master’s heart about that.

But, if you look at it from my master, Buchou’s perspective, it may look like betrayal. What should I do! There’s no other way than to apologize! But, how do I apologize!? I really don’t get it! If I am hated by Buchou then I’ll die of sadness!

I am thinking of this and that with my small brain. Suddenly Buchou stops.

Without turning towards me, Buchou asks.

“…….Hey, Ise.”

What will she ask? I am scared! How should I answer her!? I can’t find an answer!


However, I didn’t expect Buchou’s words.

“Akeno is……..Akeno.”


“Akeno is fuku-Buchou. However, ‘Akeno’……..    ………I am?” (T/N: Fuku-Buchou= vice president (of club))

Huh………? What do you mean? I think Akeno-san is ‘Akeno-san’ but……….?

That’s why, Buchou is------.

“Buchou……am I wrong?”

When I answered ‘Buchou’, I felt that Buchou shrugged her shoulders.

“………….That’s right. I am Buchou. -----But, ‘Rias’.”

W-What is it. Her tone was really despondent.  Did I say something wrong? Not being able to find the answer Buchou wants, I respond normally.

“Yes, Buchou is my master and a high class devil, Rias Gremory…….um, Buchou?”

Turning back, her expression seemed very sad.

“…….What’s that ‘Number 1 candidate’……. Am I not the only one who’s far off…….!”

That voice wasn’t the everytime’s Buchou’s voice brimming with elegance, but a normal…… girl’s voice found anywhere.

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