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High school DxD life 3 part 7

Here's the second last part of this life, this one is enjoyable ^^:

Part 7
“Here’s some tea.”

“Ah, thanks a lot.”

We’re in the shrine after Michael-san left. I am intruding in the grounds that Akeno-san lives in. After passing through a Japanese style room, I am having tea in a room that looks like a tea ceremony room.

If I remember correctly, you drink it after turning the cup 3 times, right?  1 time, 2 times, 3 times. It’s bitter.

Akeno-san is looking at my reaction and laughing with a low voice.

“Did Akeno-san work with Michael…….san on the sword present here?”

“Yes, in this shrine the specific modification ceremony was held for Ascalon.”

The setting of the 3 great power’s conference, and also this sword, Buchou and Akeno-san’s work is quite a lot and must be hectic…… Is this the mission of the King and Queen?

I have to work so that I don’t come in their way and be the partner of Gasper like asked.

……We’re alone finally. Let’s try asking Akeno-san about the things I wanted to ask while we’re like this.

I prepared myself and asked about the thing I have been worried about since the battle with Kokabiel.

“Can I ask one question?”

“Yes, of course.”

“……Are you the daughter of one of the leaders of fallen……”

On my question, Akeno-san’s expression changes to a bit cloudy one.

“……That’s right. Originally I was born between the leader of the fallen angels, Barakiel and a human.”

……So it’s true after all. Kokabiel did say to Akeno-san “The one having the power of Barakiel”. Akeno-san stares at me, and talks.

“My mother was a daughter of a certain shrine of this country. I heard that on a certain day, my mother saved Barakiel who had collapsed from injuries and from the fate of that day I was born.”

Was that the case. Akeno-san had complicated household conditions…… Somehow, my house is too normal, huh. Uh, I asked her myself, now I am troubled by how to resond.

Like that while I was searching my brain on what words to say next, Akeno-san expanded her wings from her back.


Different from the usual two wings of devils, one wing was of a devil, the other one was the black wing of a fallen angel.

“They’re dirty wings…..The wing of a devil and the wing of a fallen angel, I possess both of them.”

As if despising the black feather of fallen angels, she grabbed it with her hand.

“While hating this feather, I met Rias and became a devil. ----but what was born was the feather of a fallen angel and devil, a more disgusting creature who possessed both. Fufufu, this may suit me who has dirtied blood flowing in her veins.”

Akeno-san is in self derision. No way, Akeno-san. Please don’t say it like that…..

“……How do you feel, Ise, after hearing that? You hate fallen angels, right? They killed you and Asia-chan once, and tried to destroy this city once, there’s no way you can hold good thoughts about them”

I say what’s in my heart clearly. Since I feel lying wouldn’t be good.

“Yes. I hate fallen angels.”

Hearing that, Akeno-san’s expression seemed to become sad. However, without caring I continue on speaking.

“But, I like Akeno-san.”


Akeno-san had a surprised expression on my sentence.

“I won’t ask for any more detailed information about your birth. I only wanted to confirm it so……. Reversely, I am thinking I asked a bad thing so I am regretting it now…… I am really sorry. I have insensitive points so.”

“That’s not the case, I have the blood of fallen angel in me, you know? Can you forgive me? Although I reincarnated into a devil, the fact that I have blood of fallen angel in me doesn’t change. …….After I wanted to get hated, I may have approached you like that, you know?.....No, that’s definitely the case. I am the worst kind of woman……”

“It has no relation. Ah, how do I say it, Akeno-san, you’re a kind senpai. No, um, I definitely hate fallen angels but, I think that Akeno-san is different, even if you have the blood of fallen angels in you, Akeno-san is Akeno-san, and are the vice president of the Occult research club, I have never once had thoughts of dislike towards Akeno-san. Even after hearing that Akeno-san has the blood of fallen angels I cannot come to hate you. I like you even now so, there’s no problem right? Huh? What the hell am I saying? Sorry, no more sensitive words are coming to me……”

Hearing my words, Akeno-san was-----crying.

Not good. Did I somehow hurt her? W-What should I do! I made a girl cry! However, Akeno-san floats out a smile, and wipes her tears.

“……..You said some killing words.   …… After hearing that…….won’t I really really get serious……”

Huh, I didn’t hear the second half clearly but, my words were “killing words.”? Did I maybe say something bad?

After Akeno-san got up, she came towards me------and clung to me!?


Akeno-san whispers in my ear who was troubled on how to react.

“I have decided. I, have decided. Ise-kun, do you like Rias?”

“Eh!? U-um, y-yes, of course I like her!”

“……..That’s a given, right, she’s serious as well so legal wife is impossible. There’s a possibility of Asia-chan being the legal wife as well so……. The first and second position can’t be shaken I guess……”

First position? Second position? What ranking would this be for?

To me who had questions controlling my face, while clinging to me Akeno-san says.

Wait, Akeno-san! I won’t be able to hold it if you do too stimulative things to your junior!

“Hey, Ise-kun.”


“I won’t mind being 3rd position.”

“…..3rd position?”

T-Third position? Is it connected to the 1st and 2nd position of before? I-I don’t get it!

“Yes, 3rd position. I think it’s a comparatively good position. Above all there’s the feeling of unfaithfulness so it’ll burning. Ufufu, Ise-kun. Is it fine if I spoil you more? I’ll even give you lap pillow instead of Buchou.”

------. It’s all words whose meaning I don’t understand but I at least got the part about the lap pillow!

“Eh? R-Really!?”

Are you serious! A-Akeno-san’s lap pillow! Uwaaaah, just by imagining it my excitement isn’t dying!

“Hey, Ise-kun, can you call me ‘Akeno’?”

“Eh? I can’t call my senpai with that overfamiliar way!”

“…….Then, just once is fine. Please.”

If I am asked with those bleary eyes then……. I swallowed in my spit, and murmured it after deciding.


“…….I am happy. Ise…..”

[Gyu]  She hugs me further. Uwah, that voice right now, it wasn’t the usual Akeno-san’s dignified ‘Ara ara, ufufu’ but the voice of a normal girl!

A voice as if fawning over someone. She’s not the  ‘Vice President Akeno Himejima’, but she became a normal female high schooler. That does something to my brain. More like, Akeno-san is cuteeeeeeeee!

Wait, this feeling of boobs pressing on me! Akeno-san is soft as expected! Like that, I was lead onto Akeno-san’s laps, the preparations for a lap pillow! Uooooooooooooh, to think I would have a third time in my life! Since that is the beloved Akeno-san, it’s an inexpressible feeling!

Akeno-san pats my head. It’s a different feeling from Buchou again!

“Ufufufu, I stole one of Rias’ special right, Somehow, I feel like I am doing something bad. Ise-kun, does it feel good?”

“Y-Yes! It’s the best!”

Ah, Akeno-san’s thighs are soft as well! It’s the best sleeping place…..

“Um, I wonder what it is but…… if this scene is seen by Buchou-------.”

“What about…..Buchou? Hey, Ise?”


This voice is…….

I felt like my body had frozen in an instant. I rise up my body from that place, I stiffly turned by head backwards. And, there was my master who was emitting the worst possible expanding crimson aura standing, like the two guardian deva kings.

------I’ll be killed!

I intuitively thought feel that! Because, no matter how you look at it she’s wearing the power of destruction!

“B-B-B-Bu-Bu-Bu-Buchou!? T-This is um!”

Buchou presses her hand on her forehead, lets out a huge sigh.

“There’s no unpreparedeness or chink…... To have a lap pillow from a lap other than me………!”

Zun Zun! Feeling anger in her footsteps Buchou approached me.

Munzu! It hurts! My cheeks are being pulled by Buchou as hard as she can! Ooooooouch!

Buchou asks me in a low intensity voice.

“What about the sword?”

“I-I got it!”

“What about Michael?”

“H-He left!”

“Then, there’s no business left here! We’re going back!”

I hurrily follow Buchou who had turned her heels. I bow to Akeno-san. Sorry, really.

“I am really jeaous of the number 1 candidate Rias Buchou.”

Akeno-san murmured something from behind. It had returned to the voice of the usual Akeno-san.

I didn’t hear it properly but Buchou stopped once, and starts pulling my arm and leaves. It’s like she wants to quickly get me away from this place.

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