Sunday, 1 April 2012

High school DxD Life 3 Grigori.1

This is it people, the moment you have been waiting for. I don't know yet whether I'll continue on with this volume or not, but it's been an enjoyable time interacting with you guys.  April fools over, I am continuing the series.

On a side note, if any of you goes to Animesuki, could you ask a moderator to check my account (username: Akumasama). I seem to get an error message when I post there or edit my profile (and yes I have already activated my account). Dunno why that is the case.Finally got my account working thanks to some help, thanks to those who helped me out! ^^

Another one, this is a.... standalone part of life 3?

“Azazel, do I have to attend tomorrow’s conference as well?”

“Of course, Vali. Since you’re the hakuryuukou.”

“……Hey, Azazel. Are wars not going to occur anymore?”

“You just seek battle. You sure got attached to the ideal dragon. You’re the type that won’t live long.”

“That’s fine. I don’t have any interest in living long. Just, I feel regret being born in this age. A world without God. -----I wanted to try defeating God.”

“That’s really like the Hakuryuukou. And, after defeating all the strong guys, what will you do?”

“-----I’ll die. I don’t have any interest in such a boring world.”


  1. As always, Akuma, amazing work!

    While I hope you will continue, I understand if you decide to stop. All I can say if you do stop is thank you for putting the effort to give us the chance to read this truly interesting novel and good luck to you in whatever you do from here.

    Thanks again, Akuma!

  2. You are a beast Akuma! thanks for the quick translations.

  3. i would like to say please continue as your the only translated source i can find for this amazing novel series and you do amazing work

  4. Thanks a lot for the amazing translations Akuma! Best of luck in life, and I look forward to other translations done by you.

  5. This week was really full with High school DxD. Wether you continue in a more slow pace or stop translating it completly all I want to say is thank you for your work!

  6. Awesome translation! Wonder how you do translating this parts soo fast :D

  7. Gotta say, thanks a lot man.

  8. To tell the truth you got me there. I thought this pile of parts was something like a parting gift. It's good to hear It was just April fools joke!!

  9. not to burst your bubble or anything but

    is probably stealing your translations because they seem to only have new translations when you do
    no problem for the tip
    happy to help

    1. Ah lol. I am the one who's uploading there albeit with a bit of delay xD
      Thanks for informing me though ^^

  10. haha...
    sorry for over reacting its just that when i saw that on the website it said people were coppying and pasting translations i thought it was a lie because u always seem to have them here first
    my bad really for the mistake