Friday, 6 April 2012

High school DxD volume 4 life 4 part 1 released

Here it is!
I am having a bit of busy weekend due to 3 term papers and 1 quiz and 1 presentation later on, but I'll be working on finishing quite a lot today (tentatively). So look forward to it.

Here's the first of the release:

Life 4: The conference of the VIP starts!
Early morning. Me and Gasper were doing time stopping training in the forest surrounding the old school building.

“Guuuuu…….. Ise-senpai…… I-I am tireeeeed.”

Gasper is rubbing his eyes.

“Don’tlet out a weak voice! We have to fulfill our dreams!”

Without minding I kept on throwing the balls.

“Ise-san, here’s the balls.”

Asia who is accompanying us early in the morning is passing on the balls to me.

As usual it’s the training where I throw the ball to gasper and he stops it mid air.

He’s now become able to succeed once every 20 times. Persistence pays off. Compared to the first time, it’s quite a huge progress.

I have to somehow make him be able to use his sacred gear. If I don’t, then my objective won’t be fulfilled!

I want to make him be able to use time stoppage at will as soon as possible, and touch the stopped girls’ body!

Already the school’s girl’s good’s value has been determined. I have already made the schedule for the place to stop time, and the time period in which to stop time has been made till the minute! I also know the time when they’re alone! All that’s left is to stop! Only stopping you knoooooooow!

By the way, the target girl’s are all school’s beauties with big racks. After all, since I am stopping then it will be girl’s with big boobs.

After practicing with him, I can’t sleep at night. Not being able to stop my delusions of time stopping, I am worrying endlessly through the day.

Even if Asia and Buchou are sleeping besides me, that is that, and this is this.

In reality I want to hug Buchou from behind and rub her boobs but……it seems Asia will get mad at me….

More like, after that incident, the next day, till after school Buchou didn’t hear me as if she was pondering over something.

Thinking that I was truly hated by her, I was sad from the bottom of my heart. After that, without incident, she returned to the usual Buchou but, I only make Buchou sad.

Huh? I feel some malaise in my arm. Only my arm was unable to move. Somehow, it seems Gasper accidentally stopped my arm.

“E, Eek, S-Sorryyyyyy!”

He leaned on the ground and curled up. I said it while smiling bitterly.

“That’s why, didn’t I say not to mind it even if you stop me? We’re in the middle of training, and you’re a novice so it’s fine. Well, if my whole body gets stopped then I’ll be trouble. The number of times that’s occurred has also gone down, right? Let’s continue this pace.”

Without challenging Gasper, I fllowed up.

However, Gasper says in a complicated like expression.

“……S-Since I am incomplete both as a human who has a sacred gear, and as a vampire as well, I only cause trouble to everyone…… I-I have to control my power more…….. W-What a half way incomplete existence I am……..sob”

Aah, he cried again.

………Thinking about it, he and Akeno-san as well are halves born from different species. Feeling doubt in their own existence, they probably hate their existence…….

It’s something deep that’s difficult to understand but I know at least that these two were burdened with something all the time. And because of that they’re probably suffering.

But, I-----.

“Gasper! I like you! Don’t mind it! Before you start brooding, come strike me! If you think, you’ll lose! I also don’t know much about that, so it’s fine!”

I can only say that. My true thoughts. No matter what Akeno-san’s true identity is, no matter what Gasper is, I don’t have any reason to hate them.

W-Well, Gasper is a bit hesitant and is irritating at times, but I don’t hate him.

“We’re both same club comrades, and Rias Buchou’s household and comrades! Come at me with a bam!”

I said it like usual while puffing out my chest. I can’t say anything that works on the heart but, no matter what, I think it’s best to say it. If I become uneasy, then this guy will become no good. I am this guy’s senior. I have to guide him! Well, as a devil he’s the senior though.

Seeing that, Gasper wiped his tears and stood up.

“Ise-senpai, I-I’ll do my best………!”

“Yeah! Till school starts I’ll be throwing 100 balls!”

“Understood! Th-Then, I’ll wear this paper bag and do a power up-------“

“Stop it! If Asia sees that she’ll cry!”

Asia and Gasper both let out questioning looks. I won’t ever show the paper bag Gasper to Asia! I am alright being over possessive!

“Do your best! Ise-san, Gasper-kun!”

“Gasper! Since the bishoujo, Asia-senpai is cheering you as well, cheer up!”

“Y-yesssss! Thank you very much, Asia-senpaiiiiii!”

Like this, we resumed practice.

Gasper! Let’s do it together! And then, we’ll stop girls!

However, I think. -------our master, I want a person who’ll be our teacher. Being expert in sacred gears, furthermore, knowledgeable about dragons, isn’t there a person like that?

Unexpectedly, the black winged man came into my mind but…… I immediately shook my head sideways and renewed my thoughts. No way! The person is our bitter enemy.  .......However, I think his knowledge is the real deal.

If there is a ‘teacher’, then we’ll definitely become stronger as well.

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