Friday, 13 April 2012

High school DxD volume 8 life 5: Hell teacher Azazel

Alright, now that things are back on track(and the drama is over, hell do we all love it), I'll be clearing things up:
Volume 4 has been taken up by Eternal Dreamer like I said before. Code-Zero and I will be doing a translation check on his work to maintain a uniformity in the translations, though in no doubt does this mar his ability to translate.

Since I did say I might take up a short story or something in the future (besides working on volume 12), here it is: I have taken up volume 8 life 5: Hell teacher Azazel as a private project for someone who I am really grateful to (his name is listed on the Bakatsuki page special thanks as well, 20% chance you'll get it right ^^)

Since this is a private project, I'll be slowly making it so that I release the parts on my blog/bakatsuki 2 weeks after I give it to him, aka, he would have sole access for a 2 week period.

Enjoy the serving of lolis with a smile~
Next part even has a picture of them alongside ^^

Edit: The countdown for the delivery of volume 12 has already begun, I hope ^^

Life 5, Hell teacher Azazel

Good day, everyone.

The school just rushed into the summer vacation! I want to enjoy the long vacation.

I feel that way but at the scene in front of my eyes, I grabbed my head.

“Iche, hug”

The crimson haired littlee girl is requesting me for a hug.

“Uuh, hug…..”

Besides her the golden haired little girl was crying.

There were little girls ditto to Buchou and Asia in front of me, and the original Buchou and Asia are not at home!

After waking up in the morning, those two weren’t there and I was troubled with these two little girls in my room…..

More like, these two kids, it can’t be that but……Like that I was dubious and-----

[Knock Knock]

Someone’s knocking on the door.

“Ise-kun, Rias, Asia-chan, it’s morning, you know?”

The one who entered my room was Akeno-san.

“My my…….quite a lot of kids.”

Lookng at the scenery of the room, those were Akeno-san’s thoughts.

“Ah, um, Akeno-san, what happened…..”

My cheeks are being pulled by the two little girls, and my hair is being disheveled by them.

After putting her hand on her cheek for a bit and pondering, she says it while smiling.

“It’s the summer vacation but let’s gather together all the club members in this house.”

Like this, the occult research club’s emergency convening started.


  1. Hey akuma is there a way I can check on baki tsuki on whos doing what on hs dxd ive pples discussion but dont seem to find thr regustration page ppl r talking abt

    1. Yeah , this here:

  2. U no this is now posted n baki tsuki?

    1. Yup, I was the one who posted there...

  3. I can't wait to see loli Bucho!! Thanks for the translation Akuma!!

  4. Yes! Welcome back Akuma, big thanks to you and the person who commissioned you to translate.

  5. Hi!

    I'd like to let all of you know(who don't know about it yet) that Bakatsuki will cease to exist after this year.
    This is Bakatsuki's last active year- 2012.

    1. No it isn't. I got told that was a joke about the Mayan calendar. B-T will keep running

    2. Lol, well it wouldn't really matter to me if B-T ends or not.
      Though the world ending is a fearful thing indeed :P
      I have heard alot of such rumours floating around of B-T closing, but they were all linked to the Mayan prophecy.
      Well let's wait till Decemeber 21 for what's in store for humanity.

  6. Do u know if jl12 quite translating hs dxd volume 5 it shows that he's inactive on baki?

    1. Yeah. Well since his translations were wrong, he had to quit.

    2. Haha that's because you and code-zeros translations are the best.

    3. lol, I am honored ^^
      Though if you would read the history of changes from his post to the new translations on life 0, you'll see a huge difference, ENTIRE translations had to be redone, turns out he was a novice who had started learning Japanese 8 months ago.

    4. Wow I just reread the chapter n half the chapter was change. Im glade the caught all those mistakes. Is there anyone left thats gunna translate the rest of the volumns from 5 and up. Becuase I check on those who registeres for volumn but they havent been active on there page for more then a month. Rose and the oni giy for example. Seems like code zeros is the only one active but havent translate since last week. I rly hope this project aint put on hold. It is a great novel

  7. Hey I keep seeing something abt Suzumiya Haruhi being so good amd great but I look at the novel in baki and the app and dont see any novel name Suzumiya Haruhi . Is it an author or a novel? Can u point me out the right direction so I can see if Id like the novel myself?


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