Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Current Status of Projects

Well to give a brief overview on what I am doing right now:

1. High school DxD volume 4
2. Ojou-sama ran away
3. Domestic Love syndrome

These are the 3 series that I haven't completely translated yet.
In regards to High school DxD, I'll be starting working on life 4 by Thursday latest since I am hooked on reading Haruhi Suzumiya volume 9 (only 2 more left after this ^^).

Another good news is that I have already preordered my volume 12 of the novel to give spoilers for you all. However, I may be having my finals by the time I receive it so there might be a bit of delays.

During this short 4 days break between resuming on High school DxD, I am intermittently trying to catch up on my manga projects with short doses of Suzumiya-san. So everything is going smoothly right now.

I have a 4 day weekend from thursday to sunday so expect some goodies then :)

Also,just a suggestion from my side, you can always choose the option 'follow by email' and receive updates directly on your mail so as to reduce your hassles.


  1. I understand you, Suzumiya has stole my heart and mind too. Well just wondering when we'll have a new volume!!

  2. Thanks for the DxD translations! I saw the spoilers for volume 11( yep, I have very bad friends....) and I can't wait to see how and why it turned out this way in the "Lost Life"... Anyway if I would ever discover Ddraig in my hand then you can count on me boosting your brain( faster learning = faster translating maybe?) or something xD