Monday, 26 March 2012

High school DxD volume 4 life 3 part 5

For those with the didn't-get-the-bang-for-the-buck syndrome(not in the literal buck but as in the time gap), I have translated and released another part well within 24 hours. Did this translation while in a lecture thanks to the novel I bought ^^

Duly note that I have skipped part 4 as stated in my previous post and will translate it sometime later (it's kind of boring for me not to mention long). To be more time specific, it will be translated once I:

1. Finish reading haruhi suzumiya volume 7 (1 chapter remaining)
2. Read Haruhi suzumiya volume 8
3. Read all of To aru Majutsu no index volumes (all 22 remaining)
4. Play Kamidori Alchemy Meister (this one's english patched for those wanting to play)
5. Play Hoshizora e kakaru Hashi game
6. Read High school DxD volumes 4-12

jk jk, this is my plan for the next 1.5 months with possible additions of anime series interspersed. I'll translate it soon enough, don't worry :P

Anyways, here ya go:

Part 5
The next day, I was headed to a certain place.

I was called by Akeno-san. More like, Buchou said that once she also finishes her work, she’ll come later. What work is it? The first thing that comes is ecchi delusions but since Buchou is also coming later, that possibility is nil.

Me who is in between them is happy but it’s complicated. With something as a impetsu, it seems it would turn into a big fight……. A struggle for me who’s a pet. I am getting more than I deserve as a pet! It’s complicated as a man though.

I continue to walk out of the city. ….. Wait , there is only one important thing ahead. -----Yes, the shrine.

Uwaaah. By Shrine, isn’t it that a bad place for us devils! I still haven’t stepped inside a shrine but I had heard that you can’t enter that easily. More like, I feel like I had heard from Buchou about it in the places not to enter…….

While thinking that, my eyes caught the shadow of a human on the stone steps. Straining my eyes and looking----it’s the face of a person I recognize.

“Welcome, Ise-kun.”

“Ah, Akeno-san!?”

It was the figure of Akeno-san clad in a shrine maiden’s outfit.

I am climbing the steps. Akeno-san who is moving forward says it without stopping.

“Sorry, Ise-kun. Suddenly calling you out like this.”

“Ah, it’s no problem. I was also free with no work. But what kind of work is this? And also Buchou says she will also come later…..”

“Yes, I know. Rias has to do a final meeting Sirzechs-sama regarding the conference matter.”

No, but, Akeno-san’s shrine maiden outfit is the best. It’s suiting her pretty good. She’s surely Yamato Nadeshiko! (T/N: Google what Yamato Nadeshiko means)

Perhaps, her other name,‘The Thunder Priestess’ came from here? More like, is it fine for devils to be in a shrine? My questions aren’t running out but why is Akeno-san over here?

“Is it alright not going to the meeting along with Buchou? I was thinking that the queen’s power maybe required…”

“Grayfia-sama will follow up over there, not to mention if it advances by a certain degree, then even without me it will be alright. More than that, I have to meet the person who’s upstairs waiting.”

Is what Akeno-san says and looks far off up the stairs. Huh? Is someone coming?

The arch drew nearer. If devils try to cross this then devils receive damage, they say not to come close to a shrine but…..

“This place is fine. An agreement was reached under the table, even devils can enter.”

While saying that Akeno-san passed through the archway without anything happening. Ooh, so it’s alright, huh.

I also fearfully pass through. Ah, it’s seriously alright.

In front of my eyes there’s a splendid main shrine present. I sense oldness but it doesn’t betray any damaged parts at all.  

“Akeno-san, do you live here?”

“Yeah, the priest of the last generation passed away, Rias secured this shrine which had no people remaining for me.”

“Is he the sekiryutei?”

------, I became aware of a third person’s voice, turning that side, the person there was------.

Golden colored wings to the point of dazzling are fluttering in front of me. A young man with a handsome face was sending glances at me.

His body is wrapped in an extravagant white robe-----above his head a golden colored ring is floating. Wait, a ring!?

The young man gives a gentle looking smile, and comes for handshake.

“Nice to meet you, Sekiryutei, Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

----. He knows my name. Who is he?

Sensing my doubt, in front of my eyes 12 wings appear from the young man’s back.

“I am Michael. I am the leader of the angels. I see, this aura’s quality, it’s surely Ddraig. This brings back memories.”

It’s a super big shot……..!


  1. Well for less than a week of absence you gave us two parts back to back. You really have a good pace. Thank you for your good work.
    ps. Just wondering if Michael will fall if he interacts too much with Ise!!

    1. Lol that would lead to a result in the oppai loving club!
      iirc Azazel fell too cause he loved breasts too much ;)

  2. hey auma I just wanted to ask you were did you buy DxD novels?

    1. Ah, I thought I mentioned, I did the mistake of buying through a middle man (a contact in the Japan foundation which I found about) and got a bit ripped off there.
      If you want to buy, I suggest or Kinokuniya(they have a US store as well) or

  3. Thanks a lot for the translations! :)

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  5. Thank you! Your awesomee!

  6. thx for the released. can't wait for the next part

  7. is this the only manga you do?
    u talked about doing other mangas in the notes above

    1. Well this one is a Light novel.
      I have already done a few scripts for the mangas but they haven't been released due to a lack of typesetter/cleaner(if You're a typesetter, then kindly apply!)etc. Which is why I thought to focus on the project that requires my skill alone.
      Secondly since I may be retiring out High school DxD soon, I should have plenty of time to focus on other projects and give them a kick start.

  8. oh
    please no
    please dont stop highschool dxd until you the light novel finishes
    haha... it is really one of my new favorites and not to mention my first light novel
    you are without doubt the only person who i can trust will release the next parts on a timely basis.