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High school DxD volume 4 life 3 part 3

As promised, here it is. I noticed the comments, my exams went well, thanks for the support guys (and gals) ^^
Next part is a bit long, I have already read it, it's about Issei making Gasper 'come out of his shell', his usual pervertedness saves the day (not literally)! Kiba, Gasper and Ise then later have an all boys talk. I'll translate it after I finish the next to next part first(which is about Akeno wearing a miko costume and meeting the... hold your breath.... leader of the angels, Michael!)

Anyways, enjoy the long awaited release~
Part 3
The night the next day.

I was doing my devil work. Even now I can’t teleport via the magic circle to the human client’s place but the job itself is going flawlessly.

The meeting of the top 3 forces is approaching as well but us servants have to keep on doing our job properly. Since two Maou-sama’s who are the top of industry are in the same city, we can’t do our jobs as we please.

“Huh? It’s you today, Ise-kun?”

Is what the young man who is the client tonight------Morisawa-san says in a disappointed manner while dropping his shoulders.

He’s a Koneko-chan’s customer and my customer as well. Tonight it’s my turn. Morisawa-san’s gaze suddenly turns downwards. It seems he’s worried about the object kept on my side.

-------A large cardboard box was kept besides me.

“What’s that?”

“This is a talking cardboard box.”

[Bam.] If I kick the cardboard box lightly then from the inside you can hear a scream “Eeeeeeek.”.

Yes, it’s Gasper the box entering boy. Since Buchou and the rest said to take him alongside for the devil job for the time being, I brought this specially by fastening it on my bicycle’s back seat and pedaling till here, you know? I feel like crying. To be honest, he’ll be of use in only a subtle way but, as long as he doesn’t interfere, then it’s alright. I’ll keep the cardboard box here-----.

“What what, what’s inside it?”

Is what Morisawa-san said while having come close before I noticed it! Suddenly, he opens the lid of the cardboard box----.




Gasper and Morisawa-san’s eyes meet.


People with Anthropophobia, if they’re stared at by people then they become teary eyed, right. Gasper, bear with it a bit.

“It appears a bishoujo looking at it, but in fact he’s a boy. He has a hobby of wearing girl’s clothes.”

I also give a follow up explanation for the time being. If he knows that it’s a boy beforehand then the damage he gets would be less as well. Morisawa-san grabs both of my shoulders strongly and says:

“This cute a kid, there’s no way it can be a girl! It’s the best that he’s a booooooooooooooooooy!”


What’s with that insisting voice! Eh? It’s alright with him being a boy? Seriously! His eyes are glittering!

“Now, come out! Onii-san isn’t scary, you know? Let’s do fun things together!”

Morisawa-san talks to Gasper with his breath from nostrils rough. His speech and conduct are that of a pervert!

“Uuuuwaaaaaah…. Sob…..”

The person in question, Gasper is trembling. He seems scared. That’s natural. Even I am scared of the Morisawa-san right now!

He’s twitching all 5 fingers of both hands, Morisawa-san’s hands reach towards Gasper----.


Gasper’s scream----. For a moment, my sense gets stopped-----.


When I realized it, the cardboard box next to me had disappeared.


Morisawa-san also couldn’t understand what had happened to him.

It’s the stoppage of time. Gasper must have got excited and invoked his sacred gear unconsciously.

Me and Morisawa-san both had our times stopped for a fixed interval. Surveying the room, the cardboard box had moved to the corner. You ran over there, huh. I approach him, and talk to the closed cardboard box.

“Gasper, sorry. Morisawa-san was a bit scary, right.”

“Sob……. Fueeeeee.”

He cried. I’m beaten. Like this he won’t be of use in the job.

“I stopped it again….. Idiot idiot idiot idiot…… I am an idiot. Stopping isn’t good….. even though I don’t want to stop…..”

Gasper…… since you were entrusted to me by Buchou, I have to do something.

However, once Gasper became frightened, he wasn’t able to do anything. Me too, I couldn’t say anything to him at that place.


  1. Thanks!, and im glad that yours exams went well, we dont want you to be deppressed dont we?, also this part was extremely short... O.o... im a little dissapointed =P

    1. LOL, I never promised a long part now, did I? ;)
      I'll be uploading another 'short' part same time as the previous post hopefully.
      The long part is waaaay too long and not that good imo.