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Highschool DxD Volume 4 life 2 part 6

As promised, finished life 2 today. This is part 6, the rest of the parts are posted on Baka-tsuki. As per my release policy, I'll be uploading this part 24 hours later on BT. Kindly do not upload it before that. Also, to editors of BT, if you find any mistakes in my TL here, kindly send me a  mail or leave a comment or send me a PM on BT and I'll be changing the TL here.

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So here it goes, enjoy the new member's entrance:

The next day after school.

I was standing on the ground floor of the old school building’s room that had been made the “Sealed classroom”.

Everyone from the club was gathered. Even from the outside, this room was securely closed so we couldn’t see inside of the room. What was it used for, the explanation was without exception but….it seemed according to the conversation, there was the other Bishop here.

The other Bishop-----. For a long time, it was a mystery club member for both Asia and me. Likewise, except for newcomer Zenovia, the rest of the members knew about it.

He existed before I became a devil but, due to various circumstances, he couldn’t participate in the game between the Phenex household and the battle against Kokabiel.

According to the conversation, it seemed his ability was regarded as dangerous, and because Buchou wasn’t able to completely control him with her powers, he was ordered to be sealed by the higher-ups. What exactly was he? Was he that dangerous?

Last night, Sirzechs-sama explained it in my room, it seems Buchou received a high evaluation by the 4 Maous, the Great King Baal house, the Archduke Agares house, and the great devils in her fight due to her fight with the Phenex house and the fight against Kokabiel. The sealing condition of the other Bishop was lifted while thinking that maybe she could control him then. And with that we’re in front of the “Sealed Classroom” but….

A tape with “KEEP OUT” written on was heavily pasted with magical seals carved on.

“The kid is over here. All day, that bishop lives here. For the time being, his powers are loosened deep in the night, and if it’s just in the old building, he can exit the room but, but the kid inside refuses to do that.”

Was what Buchou said. For some reason, she knocked on the door, and then started expanding her magic circle. She’s releasing the seal? If one was sealed in this cramped space for even half a day, wouldn’t one go insane? It was impossible for me. If I was told that I was free do anything in the old school building only in the night, I would have happily run out.

“I-is the person a hikikomori?”

On my question Buchou nodded while letting out a sigh. Was that so? A hikikomori, huh.

Kiba removed the tape, Akeno-san also helped out along side Buchou in removing the seal.

“The kid inside has been the biggest earner among the servants.”

Akeno-san said that. Seriously! Biggest earner….. How does that person earn?

Akeno-san continued as if replying to my question.

“Through a computer, the kid takes special contracts from humans. Frankly, it’s a person who doesn’t want to meet us. Those type of people negotiate in a different way, and make relations differently. They solve things though the computer. In the dealings through computers, amongst the new devil servants, this kid grabs enough numbers like those of a superior rank.”

Amazing! Negotiating through a computer! And with that, this kid took contracts from humans, huh!

“------Now then, I am opening the door.”

The magical seals carved on the door also disappeared, it became a simple door.Buchou opened the door-----.


<nowiki>-------</nowiki>!An outrageously high scream emitted from inside! W-What was it?

Buchou wasn’t even surprised, rather while sighing, entered alongside Akeno-san.

“Good day to you. It’s nice to see you all energetic.”


The exchange happening inside was heard. Judging from the voice, it could have been a middle schooler but…. a girl? Or was it a younger male? I couldn’t say for sure yet. Though I could say that the person was extremely confused.

“Araara, the seal got removed, you know? You are able to go out now. Now, let’s all go out together?”

Akeno-san’s gentle voice. I sensed sympathy. I felt she was gently trying to connect.


“Noooooooooooooooooo!This place is gooooooooooood! I don’t want to go outside! I don’t want to meet peopleeeeeee!”

……….W-wasn’t that a serious case of hikikomori…..?

Me and Asia exchanged glances, and tilted our heads. Zenovia also let out a questioning look. Only Kiba and Koneko-chan understood the circumstances, huh, Kiba was smiling bitterly and Koneko-chan was letting out a sigh.

I strengthened my resolve, and timidly peeked in. Walking in just a bit, I glanced at the room.

The curtains were tightly shut close. Dim. The room was decorated unexpectedly in acute manner, it looked like a girl’s room. Stuffed dolls were present as well.

A-a coffin? There was a single coffin present in one corner that seemed to be used in funerals abroad.

Buchou and Akeno-san were in the interior. Was the bishop present past them?

Approaching further, the one present there was-----a bishoujo with noble looks, golden hair and red eyes who looked like a doll. Sitting down on the floor, with a pose that looked as if wanting to escape from Buchou and Akeno-san. She was shaking a lot.

Wait, she was dressed in Kuou academy’s girl’s uniform. More like, she was extremely cute!

“Ooh! A girl! Not to mention a foreigner!”

Wonderful! Another golden haired bishoujo after Asia, huh! I am happy! There would be two blonde bishops! There was no greater joy that that!

I was happy like that but Buchou turned her head sideways.

“By appearance, this kid looks like a girl but without a doubt he is a boy.”

……….Eh? For a moment, I doubted my ears. Plainly un-understandable words entered my ears. B-Buchou, please stop with the jokes. W-wasn’t that kid looking such a bishoujo!

“No no no, no matter how you look at it. it’s a girl, Buchou! ……Eh? Seriously?”

“He has a hobby of dressing in female clothes.”

Akeno-san said that calmly. ……Hobby of dressing in female clothes? T-Then this kid was not wearing his uniform because he’s a girl but------because of a hobby?


I gave out a large shriek due to my big shock.

“Eeeeeeeeeeek!I am sorry, I am sorryyyyyyyyyyy!”

The golden haired bishoujo-----no, the golden haired girl clothing guy let out a shriek due to my voice.

Seriously! He’s a boy even like this!? No no, no matter how you look at it, that part of him was more like a Bishoujo than even girls! I seriously didn’t get it! Even the voice was like a girl! His height was small as well!


I held my head with my arms, and crouched down in that place! This is irrational! For him to be a boy even though he was so cute! Was God merciless!? Wait, God wasn’t present then! It was merciless!

He definitely got his gender wrong! While inside his mother, he got something extra stuck on him! Uwaaaaaa, I can’t take it!

“Is it alright to have such a cruel story….. He perfectly looks like a bishojo….for him to be man……for him to have a pe*is on him…..”

“……talking about vulgar words is prohibited.”

Auh! Before I knew it Koneko-chan had entered the room!

Sorry,Koneko-chan. But, this is a cruel story!

“It’s an even more painful story that he has a hobby for wearing girl’s clothes! Since it suits him, when I heard the unnecessary truth, the shock was too huge! Even though he’s a hikikomori, he’s got a hobby of girl’s clothes! Are the girl’s clothes to show to someone!?”

On my words the girl dressing young boy refutes.

“B-B-B-But,girl’s clothes are super cute.”

“Don’tsay things like super cuteeeeeeeeeee! Shit! Even though you’re a guuuuy! You shattered my dream in a momentttttttt! I-I was instantly dreaming about you and Asia, the double blonde bishoujo bishops, you know!? Give it back! Give back my dream!

“……Writings and dreams of people are transient.”

“Koneko-chaaaaaaaaan!That didn’t sound like a joke!”

However, that was cruel! I thought of him as a girl, but it was a girl's clothing guy!

“B-B-B-By the way, who is this person?”

The girl’s clothing guy asked Buchou. Buchou said it while pointing to me, Asia and Zenovia.

"These are new servants who came while you were here. The pawn, Hyoudou Issei; The knight, Zenovia; and like you, the Bishop, Asia.”

We said “nice to meet you” because we were introduced but, girl’s clothing-kun only fearfully said “Eeeeek, the members increased by a lot!” No, is he phobic to humans? This is terrible.

“Please, can we go out? Okay? It’s alright for you not to be sealed anymore, you know?”

Buchou said it gently but----.

“Noooooooo! For me the outside world is impossibleeeeeeee! I am scared! I am scared of the outside! In any case, even if I go outside it would only cause trouble forotherssssss!”

Somehow, I got angry. I couldn’t also forgive him for being a male with that face! I approached him, and pulled his arms.

“Hey, Buchou said to go outside-----.”

It was the moment I was trying to pull him.


Alongwith the girl clothing-kun’s scream, the scenery in front of me became white-----.

…….. ……….Hm? Huh? Even though I should have been holding his arms right then, girl's clothing-kun wasn’t there.

Looking at it, he was shaking in one corner of the room. Huh? Why? I was definitely just then pulling his arm……

“This is strange. Something in this moment…..”

“…..It’s certain something happened.”

Me, Asia and Zenovia were surprised by the mysterious phenomenon but the rest of the members were only letting out sighs. Kiba and the others of course knew about it.

“Don’t get angry! Don’t get angry! Please don’t hit meeeeeeeee!”

As usual, the girl's clothing-kun was just shouting. What did this guy do?

Noticing my doubt Akeno-san explained.

“That kid possesses a scared gear that when he’s excited, the time of everything in his field of vision can get stopped for a fixed interval of time.”

……Wait, stopping time? Seriously? That idiot looking kid had a powerful ability sacred gear!

He possess that gear. That’s why, for a moment we felt malice.

He stopped us and ran away, huh. Even though I said running away, I thought he possessed a serious illness of not being able to go out from this room. That was, tolerable.

“Because he can’t control his sacred gear, by the orders of the Archduke and Maou, Sirzechs-sama,he was sealed.”

I understood that thanks to Akeno-san’s supplementary explanation. He could stop time. That was an extremely fearful power. If he couldn’t control it, then he’ll probably hurt his comrades as well. Was that the reason?

Buchou hugged girl's clothing-kun from behind, and said to us.

“This boy is Gasper Vladi. He’s my bishop. For the time being, he’s Kuou Academy’s 1st year. ------Also, before reincarnating he was half human, half vampire.”


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